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The best Fairy Pokémon cards in the TCG

Fairy Pokémon cards may be a thing of the past, but that’s no reason not to complete your collection – here are the trading cards to chase.

Art from Togepi & Cleffa & Igglybuff GX, one of the best Fairy Pokemon cards

If you’ve been playing the TCG for a while, you probably remember when Fairy Pokémon cards were a thing. These rare and elusive Pokémon used to have their own Basic Energy, as well as a vibrant pink color scheme for their cards. But those days are long gone – in 2020, Pokémon Fairy cards were officially discontinued. No more pretty in pink.

Since the Sword and Shield Pokémon TCG expansions phased out Fairy cards, these Pokémon don’t see much play anymore. However, there’s still plenty of reason for Fairy fans to keep up their Pokémon card collecting. Some of the cutest Pokémon cards are in this category, and there’s still plenty of sentimental value. And hey, who knows? Maybe one day, these will be rare Pokémon cards that are worth a heap of cash.

We’ve put together a guide to the best Fairy Pokémon cards for anyone still interested in collecting them. Because they’re not legal in the Standard Pokémon TCG format, we’ve picked our favorites based on their value to collectors rather than players.

Gardevoir and Sylveon GX

The best Fairy Pokémon card overall.

Today’s best deals
Gardevoir and Sylveon GX specifications:
TCG expansion Unbroken Bonds
Card number 225/214
Estimated value $170 – $520
Reasons to buy
  • Adorable art of two iconic Pokémon
  • Reasonably high value
Reasons to avoid
  • Only the alternate art versions are worth money

Gardevoir and Sylveon GX gives you two Fairy Pokémon for the price of one. This adorable pair look twee and joyful in their full art depictions, with smiles and sparkles that seem to leap off the paper. There are multiple full art versions of the card to collect, but if you’re looking for financial value, the alternate art versions are the only ones worth opening your wallet for.

Sylveon GX

The Fairy Pokémon card with the rarest promos.

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Sylveon GX specifications:
TCG expansion Guardians Rising
Card number 158/145
Estimated value $60 – $560
Reasons to buy
  • Lovely art of a popular Eeveelution
  • A range of rare and beautiful copies to collect
  • Can have high financial value
Reasons to avoid
  • Value of different copies varies greatly

There are many different versions of Sylveon GX, and each comes with stunning full art of the beloved Fairy Pokémon. As well as a regular card, a full art card, a Secret Rainbow Rare, a shiny reprint, and another alternate art reprint, there are plenty of promotional versions of the card to hunt down. For Sylveon lovers who want to ‘catch ‘em all’, this card is the best place to start.

Togepi and Cleffa and Igglybuff GX

The most adorable Fairy Pokémon card.

Today’s best deals
Togepi and Cleffa and Igglybuff GX specifications:
TCG expansion Cosmic Eclipse
Card number 143a/236
Estimated value $60 – $350
Reasons to buy
  • Colorful art that stands out
  • Decent financial value for collectors
Reasons to avoid
  • Value not as impressive as rare, non-Fairy cards of the same Pokémon
  • Regular art version isn’t worth nearly as much

It was tough to pick our favorite art on a Fairy Pokémon card, but we managed. Togepi and Cleffa and Igglybuff GX will completely capture your heart. The full art promo shows the three tiniest, roundest, sweetest ‘lil guys. The trio are frolicking in a pile of equally round, equally colorful objects – berries, Pokéballs, and so on.

Fairy Energy

The most unique Fairy Pokémon card to collect.

Today’s best deals
Fairy Energy specifications:
TCG expansion Burning Shadows
Card number 169/147
Estimated value $50 – $130
Reasons to buy
  • Historical and sentimental value
  • May become rarer and more valuable over time
Reasons to avoid
  • No pretty art of Fairy Pokémon

Most Basic Energy cards are dime-a-dozen, but that’s no longer the case for Fairy Energy. This sparkly pink card is no longer in production, making it a relic of Pokémon days gone by. It may not have gorgeous art or the most financial value, but it’s historically important enough that we think it’s worth collecting. Just make sure to grab the Secret Rare version if you want the best bang for your buck.

Mimikyu GX

The best Mimikyu Fairy Pokémon card.

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Mimikyu GX specifications:
TCG expansion Lost Thunder
Card number 226/214
Estimated value $60 – $300
Reasons to buy
  • Some financial value for collectors
  • Rainbow art of a popular Pokémon
Reasons to avoid
  • Non-fairy versions are far more valuable
  • Not our favorite Fairy Pokémon card art

Mimikyu is adorable in its own odd way, so Fairy Pokémon fans will want to see it represented in their collection. In this case, we think Mimikyu GX takes the top spot. It doesn’t have the most impressive art of our favorite Fairy Pokémon cards, but it’s still a lovely rainbow rendition of the sweet ‘lil creature. This is also the Fairy version of Mimikyu which holds the best value.

Art from Fairy Basic Energy, one of the best Fairy Pokemon cards

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