All Legendary Pokémon and Mythical Pokémon in order

Here is every single Legendary Pokémon and Mythical Pokémon released so for the Pokémon TCG and video games, from birds, to forest spirits, to gods.

Pokemon TCG Legendary Pokemon Mew

Legendary Pokémon are some of the coolest pocket monsters in the entire Pokémon franchise. They have the most elaborate designs, the mightiest videogame stats, and some of the strongest Pokémon cards. While Mythical and Legendary Pokémon were once few in number, each generation added a bunch of new Legendaries, to the point where it’s now quite hard to keep track of them all! That’s where we come in: this guide has a full list of every Legendary Pokémon.

So how many Pokémon are there on this list, exactly? Well, there are now 66 Legendary Pokémon and 23 Mythical Pokémon. We’ve put together this handy list to show you who’s who among the most powerful Pokémon of all time, splitting them up by generation.

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Pokemon TCG Legendary Pokemon Lugia

Before we get underway, a few fun numbers. The most common type for Legendary and Mythical Pokémon by far is Psychic, with a whopping 22 mindreading ‘mons. Dragon and Steel are close behind, with 14 and 12 Legendaries or Mythicals respectively. Something about these Pokémon types just feels a bit special, we guess. Conversely, the poor Bug and Poison types only appears once on this list, with Genesect and Eternatus.

What’s the difference between a Legendary Pokémon and a Mythical Pokémon? It’s an annoyingly subtle distinction. Basically, Mythicals are considered even rarer than Legendaries, to the point where most people in the Pokémon world doubt their very existence. In gameplay terms, Mythicals were traditionally only available during exclusive events, but some – like the recent Generation nine Pecharunt – can now be caught in DLC

Generation 1 Legendary Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
Articuno #144  Ice/Flying
  Zapdos #145 Electric/Flying
  Moltres  #146 Fire/Flying
Mewtwo  #150 Psychic

In Pokémon Red and Blue, Mewtwo was an end-game secret. It appears in the high level Cerulean Cave, which can only be accessed after beating the Elite Four and winning the Pokémon league.

Generation 1 Mythical Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
  Mew #151 Psychic

Mew was never intended to be a publicly available Pokémon. Developer Shigeki Morimoto added Mew to the code as an Easter egg just for his colleagues at Game Freak, using space on the cartridge that was freed up after debug tools were removed. Some players discovered Mew via glitches, starting rumors of a secret Pokémon that were hard for fans to verify or disprove in the early days of the internet.

The first time player’s could legimately catch Mew was in Spring 1996, when Game Freak ran a promotion in manga magazine CoroCoro Comic, offering a few lucky winners the chance to mail in their game cartridge in to have Mew added to their Pokédex.

Generation 2 Legendary Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
  Raikou #243  Electric
   Entei #244 Fire
  Suicune #245 Water
  Lugia #249 Psychic/Flying
  Ho-oh #250 Fire/Flying

Generation 2 Mythical Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
Celebi #251 Psychic/Grass

Generation 3 Legendary Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
Regirock #377  Rock
Regice #378 Ice
   Registeel #379 Steel
   Latias #380 Dragon/Psychic
   Latios #381 Dragon/Psychic
Kyogre #382 Water
Groundon #383 Ground
  Rayquaza #384 Dragon/Flying

Generation 3 Mythical Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
  Jirachi #385 Steel/Psychic
  Deoxys #386 Psychic

Generation 4 Legendary Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
Uxie  #480 Psychic
Mesprit #481 Psychic
Azelf #482 Psychic
  Dialga  #483 Steel/Dragon
  Palkia #484 Water/Dragon
  Heatran #485 Fire/Steel
  Regigigas #486 Normal
  Giratina #487 Ghost/Dragon
  Cresselia #488 Psychic

The Legendary Pokémon that appeared in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl really push the power level for the franchise. Dialga has the ability to control time, Palkia can warp space, and together they are capable of creating new universes; Giratina can rip holes in reality and lurks in the Distortion dimension.

Generation 4 Mythical Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
  Phione #489 Water
  Manaphy #490 Water
  Darkrai #491 Dark
  Shaymin #492 Grass
  Arceus #493 Normal

Arceus is perhaps the most over the top Mythical Pokémon: it’s worshipped as a deity by some humans, who may actually be right – it could be the creator of the Pokémon universe.

Generation 5 Legendary Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
   Cobalion #638 Steel/Fighting
   Terrakion #639 Rock/Fighting
  Virizion #640 Grass/Fighting
   Tornadus #641 Flying
 Thundurus #642 Electric/Flying
  Reshiram #643 Dragon/Fire
  Zekrom #644 Dragon/Electric
  Landorus #645 Ground/Flying
  Kyurem #646 Dragon/Ice

Generation 5 Mythical Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
  Victini #494 Psychic/Fire
Keldeo #647 Water/Fighting
Meloetta #648 Normal/Psychic or Normal/Fighting
Genesect #649 Bug/Steel

Generation 6 Legendary Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
   Xerneas #716 Fairy
  Yveltal #717  Dark/Flying
 Zygarde #718 Dragon/Ground

Generation 6 Mythical Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
  Diancie #719 Rock/Fairy
  Hoopa #720 Psychic/Ghost
Volcanion #721 Fire/Water

Generation 7 Legendary Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
Tapu Koko #785 Electric/Fairy
  Tapu Lele #786 Psychic/Fairy
  Tapu Bulu #787 Grass/Fairy
  Tapu Fini #788 Water/Fairy
   Cosmog  #789  Psychic
  Cosmoem #790 Psychic
  Solgaleo #791 Psychic/Steel
   Lunala #792 Psychic/Ghost

Generation 7 Mythical Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
Magearna #801 Steel/Fairy
  Marshadow #802 Fighting/Ghost
  Zeraora #807 Electric
  Meltan #808 Steel
  Melmetal #809 Steel

Generation 8 Legendary Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
   Zacian #888  Fairy
Zamazenta  #889 Fighting
  Eternatus  #890 Poison/Dragon
  Kubfu  #891 Fighting
  Urshifu #892 Fighting/Dark or Fighting/Water
 Regieleki  #894 Electric
  Regidrago #895 Dragon
  Glastrier #896 Ice
Spectrier #897 Ghost
  Calyrex #898 Psychic/Grass
  Enamorus #899 Fairy/Flying

Generation 8 Mythical Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
  Zarude #893 Dark/Grass

Zarude was added to Pokémon Sword and Shield in the Isle of Armor DLC.

Generation 9 Legendary Pokémon

Image Name Pokédex # Type
   Wo-Chien  #1001  Dark/Grass
  Chien-Pao #1002 Dark/Ice
   Ting-Lu #1003 Dark/Ground
   Chi-Yu #1004 Dark/Fire
Koraidon  #1007 Fighting/Dragon
  Miraidon #1008 Electric/Dragon

Generation 9 Mythical Pokémon

Pecharunt was added to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in the The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Epilogue: Mochi Mayhem DLC.

Image Name Pokédex # Type
The legendary Pokemon Pecharunt, a floating turnip with two spiked orbs that might be wings Pecharunt #1025 Poison/Ghost

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