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The best Lugia Pokémon cards in the TCG

With so many beautiful, rare, and powerful Lugia Pokémon cards, a TCG collector might now know where to start – so here’s a guide to help.

Art from Call of Legends Lugia, one of the best Lugia Pokemon cards

In the world of Pokémon, Lugia is a legendary creature of extreme power and rarity. It makes sense, then, that Lugia Pokémon cards would share the same traits. Some are infamous among competitive TCG players, while others are hot collector’s items. Whatever kind of Pokémon Lugia cards you prefer, we can point you to the best of the bunch.

Below you’ll find several rare Pokémon cards, as well as the most powerful Pokémon cards featuring the lovely Lugia. If you’re looking for other helpful trading card game guides, we can also recommend the best Pokémon decks, as well as advice on spotting fake Pokémon cards.


The best Lugia Pokémon card in the current meta.

Today’s best deals
Lugia VSTAR specifications:
First released 2022
TCG expansion Silver Tempest
Estimated value $7.00
Reasons to buy
  • Affordable for budget deck-builders
  • Currently part of a competitive Lugia deck
Reasons to avoid
  • Lack of rarity makes it less appealing to collectors

We have some good news for fans who love playing as much as Pokémon card collecting. Thanks to Lugia VSTAR, a Lugia deck is more than viable in the current meta.

If you’re planning to run a Lugia VSTAR deck, you’ll also need to pick up several copies of Lugia V. Given that you need these to evolve Lugia in the first place, they’re arguably more crucial to your Lugia deck, so be sure to stock up.

The best version of this deck comes with lots of search cards to get your Lugia on the board as fast as possible. Once Lugia VSTAR comes into play, you’ll need two Archeops cards in your discard to make the most of Lugia’s Summoning Star ability. This brings both Archeops to your Bench. From here on out, simply power up and attack with your small army of colorless Pokémon.

Lugia Legend

The most unique Lugia Pokémon card.

Today’s best deals
Lugia Legend specifications:
First released 2010
TCG expansion HeartGold & SoulSilver
Estimated value $200 – $1,500
Reasons to buy
  • Quality copies can sell for over $1,000
  • An unusual and beautiful Lugia card
Reasons to avoid
  • Not a competitive card for play

Lugia Legend isn’t actually a single card – it’s two. Legend cards are designed to combine, creating a larger, more powerful legendary Pokémon. The downside here is that you need both cards in hand to play Lugia to your bench. And even if you do play it, its abilities aren’t overly impressive.

While deck-builders may be disappointed, collectors will love Lugia Legend. The two-card combo makes this a unique collector’s piece, and its enormous, gorgeous art makes the set even more appealing. High-quality graded copies can sell for well over $1,000, and even less pristine copies fetch a solid price.

Neo Genesis Lugia

The most valuable Lugia Pokémon card.

Today’s best deals
Neo Genesis Lugia specifications:
First released 2000
TCG expansion Neo Genesis
Estimated value $600 – $7,000
Reasons to buy
  • A valuable collector’s item, especially in good condition
  • A key part of Lugia’s Pokémon TCG history
Reasons to avoid
  • Not worth playing in your Pokémon deck
  • May be beyond the budget of many collectors

Unsurprisingly, the first Lugia Pokémon card is the most expensive. Released at the start of the new millennium, Neo Genesis Lugia brought the beloved legendary to the trading card game. Rarity and history aside, the card also has some wonderful sparkly art that gives Lugia lovers some extra sentimental value.

Honestly, the price of this card can get pretty silly. In 2021, a BGS grade 10 copy sold for an eye-watering $144,300. However, perfect copies of this card are hard to come by. Copies with lower grades still sell for several thousand dollars, but most sellers won’t get lottery money for their Lugia.

Shadow Lugia

The most powerful Lugia Pokémon card.

Today’s best deals
Shadow Lugia specifications:
First released 2005
TCG expansion Promotional card
Estimated value $100 – $1,000
Reasons to buy
  • A rare and pretty valuable card
  • Hits for 1,000 damage!
Reasons to avoid
  • Not tournament legal

Shadow Lugia is a promotional Pokémon card that was given out at several events. For example, the first was at the Nintendo World Store in 2005, but it was later shared at a 10th Anniversary event in Houston, as well as at 2006’s Nintendo pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo.

With 300 HP and the ability to deal 1,000 damage with a single strike, Shadow Lugia is ridiculously powerful. Don’t expect Shadow Lugia to win you many games, though. As it’s a Jumbo card, it can’t be played in tournaments. Still, it’s a pretty pricey promo if you can find a pristine copy.

Call of Legends Lugia

Another rare Lugia Pokémon card.

Today’s best deals
Call of Legends Lugia specifications:
First released 2011
TCG expansion Call of Legends
Estimated value $250 – $700
Reasons to buy
  • A rare and valuable Lugia card
Reasons to avoid
  • Worth significantly less with the wrong artwork

Two versions of the Call of Legends Lugia card exist. The first is a Rare Holofoil with artwork by Ryo Ueda. It’s pretty cool, and its abilities are decent. But the card isn’t much to write home about, as far as the best Lugia Pokémon cards go.

The second version is a Shiny Rare Holofoil, with art by Hideaki Hakozaki. These are harder to get hold of. Only 1,000 were printed, and you could only win them from a 2010 prize draw if you bought two Legend series booster packs. Naturally, this is the version that brings in the big buck

Aquapolis Lugia

The best-looking Lugia Pokémon card.

Today’s best deals
Aquapolis Lugia specifications:
First released 2003
TCG expansion Aquapolis
Estimated value $300 – $2,000
Reasons to buy
  • Gorgeous art
  • A high-value collector’s item
Reasons to avoid
  • Beyond the budget of many Lugia lovers

Aquapolis Lugia features our favorite art of this legendary Pokémon. We see the creature taking flight on a glittery galaxy background, and Lugia seems to glow as it goes. Even the text box on the card adds to the crystalline feel of the card. Quite simply, it’s stunning.

Aquapolis Lugia isn’t just a pretty face, though. As one of the few e-Cards produced by Wizards of the Coast in the early 2000s, this card has rarity and historical value too. It’s no shocker, then, that a well-preserved copy can sell for hundreds (if not thousands).

Art from Lugia VSTAR, one of the best Lugia Pokemon cards

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