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Wild Pokémon Ultra Premium Mew box appears for pre-order

The Pokémon TCG has launched pre-orders for the 151 Mew Ultra Premium Collection, and trading card game retailers seem to be running out of stock fast.

Pokemon TCG Mw Ultra Premium Collection box

Pre-orders are open for the Pokémon TCG’s Mew Ultra Premium Collection, but retailers already seem to be selling out of the limited edition Pokémon booster boxes. One variant of the 151 Ultra Premium Collection, the product includes rare Mew and Mewtwo promo cards along with 16 booster packs for the Scarlet and Violet – 151 Pokémon TCG expansion. Pre-orders opened around July 10, and customers can expect to receive their copies in October 2023.

151 celebrates the days when the answer to the question ‘How many Pokémon are there?’ was 151. This means it covers every Pokémon from the Kanto region (including the first Kadabra Pokémon card in 20 years). Two of its most beloved entries – Snorlax and Mew – get their own Ultra Premium Collections as part of the set.

Pokemon TCG Mew Ultra Premium Collection promo Mew ex card

If you manage to find a trading card game retailer that still has it in stock, the Mew Ultra Premium Collection retails for $119.99 (£129.00). While the booster packs and promo cards are undoubtedly the main event, there are also some extra bells and whistles thrown in too. The collection includes a Mew deck box, playmat, coin, and metal card featuring a hyper rare Mew ex.

Will these cards join the ranks of expensive and rare Pokémon cards? Only time will tell. While you wait to find out, be sure to check out some of the best Pokémon cards in the game right now.