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Umbreon Pokémon card lost $8,000 in value in 9 months

A fan of Pokémon cards bought an Umbreon VMAX card for $12,000 early this year - now it seems the same card would cost $8,000 less.

Pokemon Trading card game - an umbreon vmax card

An expensive Umbreon Pokémon card appears to have dropped in price. A copy of the famous Evolving Skies card Umbreon VMAX with alternate art went for $12,000 in February 2023. Now, a copy of the card in the same pristine condition has sold for just $3,800 on eBay, a drop of $8,200.

Umbreon VMAX is an extremely rare Pokémon card from one of the best Pokémon TCG expansions of the Sword and Shield series. It’s a much talked about Eeveelution. But are graded copies of this much-celebrated card now going for less? The Twitter account Collectr took note of the disparity, with the more expensive sale taking place on PWCC on February 20, 2023 and the cheaper card selling on eBay on November 2. Both were given a 10 in all categories from the grading service Beckett, so they’re essentially identical.

The Umbreon VMAX card is one of the most sought after TCG cards of recent years, with many fans surprised to see a modern Pokémon card so expensive and holding its value. Of late, fans have watched its price closely, and it’s become an unofficial marker for the health of the Pokémon TCG hobby.

Of course, most fans aren’t buying more expensive graded copies when picking up their cards. On TCGPlayer, ungraded copies of Umbreon VMAX are going for about $500, only $50 cheaper than they were last year, and on Price Charting they’re estimated at $440, actually a little more than they cost in November 2022. The cards have seen a dip when compared to their prices on both platforms in the first half of this year, however.

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The best cards from the Evolving Skies set, including Umbreon VMAX, have been trending downwards in recent months, after a peak in early 2023 or late 2022.

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