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Realms of Pugmire RPG is like DnD, but you’re also a dog

Realms of Pugmire is a new edition of the dog-centric tabletop RPG from Onyx Path Publishing, and it’s just started crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Realms of Pugmire Kickstarter launch - Onyx Path publishing of a dog warrior

Calling all pet lovers: Onyx Path’s Pugmire RPG has returned, with crowdfunding for a new edition launching on Kickstarter on January 24. Realms of Pugmire still lets you play as bipedal Corgis and Golden Retrievers, but it now comes with a streamlined system and additional content.

Technically, Realms of Pugmire is a post-apocalyptic tabletop RPG. Humans have been extinct for so long that nature has consumed civilisation, and the creatures we once kept as pets have now evolved into walking, talking, thinking beings. They’ve set up cities like Pugmire, and they ascribe religious significance to the big hairless monkeys that came before. Many dogs follow the Code of Man, a scripture that asks one important question: are you a good dog?

Onyx Path Publishing (who also publishes Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition) pitches Realms of Pugmire as a family-friendly system. It seems pretty low on violence and crunch as far as gameplay goes, but the Kickstarter page promises a compelling setting with plenty of depth.

Realms of Pugmire Kickstarter launch - Onyx Path Publishing art of a pug being chased by dog guards

As for what’s changed since the last edition of Pugmire, Onyx Path lists plenty of revised features. There are “lots of refined and clarified rules, developed after years of playing and community feedback”, as well as “new and updated tricks, spells, masterworks, and enemies”.

New features include guides to random or deliberate character creation, rules for friendship, and safety tool advice. Realms of Pugmire’s new content also points out you don’t just play dogs in this setting; there are tips on creating cat and rodent characters too.

Realms of Pugmire Kickstarter launch - Onyx Path Publishing art of a cat pointing a sword at a rat wizard

Pledges start at $5 / £5, but you’ll need to pay at least $25 / £21 to get a PDF copy of the TTRPG. $55 / £45 pledges earn a hard copy cover of Realms of Pugmire, while paying $100 / £81 will get you a limited edition, deluxe hard copy.

Along with a retailer’s option, the top end of the pledges lets you submit a pet name to become an NPC in the finished book. This luxury will cost you $250 / £203 – though you’ll only get a standard hard copy, not a deluxe one, with this pledge.

You can learn more about Pugmire on the Kickstarter page. For more D&D (dogs and dogs), here’s our Animal Adventures review. If you’re looking for actual D&D, why not check out our guides to DnD classes, DnD races, and DnD backgrounds? They’ll help you take your first steps in filling out a DnD character sheet.