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100 safe and spicy Never Have I Ever questions

Coming up with Never Have I Ever questions for adults doesn’t have to be difficult - not when you’ve got a spicy gaming guide on-hand.

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The best Never Have I Ever questions teach you something about your friends you might have never otherwise known. Depending on how you like to play, the game can tease out trivial anecdotes, dark secrets, or even dirty fantasies. The rules are simple, but thinking of something to say can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together a hefty list of Never Have I Ever questions – designed to delight social circles of all kinds.

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Here are the best Never Have I Ever questions:

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Appropriate Never Have I Ever questions

Sometimes, you don’t want to get too personal, so let’s start with something safe-for-work. Here are some appropriate Never Have I Ever questions that’ll break the ice (and won’t shock grandma).

Never Have I Ever:

  • Met a celebrity
  • Crowd-surfed at a concert
  • Been on television
  • Seen a shooting star
  • Had a strange nickname
  • Won a game of poker
  • Kept an exotic pet
  • Played in a band
  • Taken part in an extreme sport
  • Skipped school or work
  • Broken an arm or leg
  • Run away from home
  • Gone skydiving
  • Run a marathon
  • Gotten a tattoo
  • Visited another continent
  • Been on a podcast
  • Won a medal
  • Fallen asleep in public
  • Called a teacher ‘Mom’
  • Had an allergic reaction
  • Learned another language
  • Pet an unusual animal
  • Lost my voice
  • Won the lottery 

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Embarrassing Never Have I Ever questions

Turning up the heat a little, we turn to embarrassing Never Have I Ever questions. These prompts won’t quite ask what you do in the bedroom, but you might cringe a little admitting you’ve done them.

Never Have I Ever:

  • Cried after losing a game
  • Been arrested
  • Text an ex while drunk
  • Tried skinny dipping
  • Kissed a friend’s ex
  • Had an unusual celebrity crush
  • Lied to my significant other
  • Cheated on a test
  • Stolen something
  • Been in a fist fight
  • Dumped someone over text
  • Spread a false rumor about someone
  • Made a child cry
  • Broken a person’s heart
  • Started an argument for no reason
  • Been kicked out of somewhere
  • Been banned from a bar
  • Had a crush on someone else’s partner
  • Blacked out from drinking too much
  • Tried drugs
  • Run a red light
  • Pretended to love an awful present
  • Said a rude joke at the wrong time
  • Sneaked out of the house
  • Been stood up on a date 

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Gross Never Have I Ever questions

Everyone on Earth has done something disgusting at least once. And usually, we keep this information to ourselves – until someone asks some gross Never Have I Ever questions, that is.

Never Have I Ever:

  • Wet the bed
  • Thrown up on another person
  • Been caught farting in public
  • Gone a whole week without showering
  • Gone to the toilet in public
  • Eaten something you aren’t supposed to
  • Had a rectal examination
  • Had a tapeworm
  • Eaten a placenta
  • Touched a dead body
  • Eaten food off the floor
  • Touched poop
  • Eaten something that’s still alive
  • Messed my pants
  • Pulled out a tooth without going to the dentist
  • Eaten food that was well past its sell-by date
  • Had head lice
  • Caught pink eye
  • Peed in a swimming pool
  • Shaved my butt hole
  • Had an enema
  • Spit on someone
  • Popped my partner’s zits
  • Drunk a ‘dirty pint’
  • Licked a foot

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Dirty Never Have I Ever questions

In most games of Never Have I Ever, adults eventually want to ask about one thing: S-E-X. That means you’re going to need an arsenal of dirty Never Have I Ever questions to call upon.

Never Have I Ever:

  • Heard my parents having sex
  • Flashed someone
  • Tried BDSM
  • Watched porn at work
  • Had sex in a hot tub
  • Caught an STD
  • Masturbated in public
  • Had sex in someone else’s bed
  • Peed on another person
  • Been in a porn movie
  • Had a threesome
  • Had sex with a celebrity
  • Lied about having an orgasm
  • Tried roleplay in the bedroom
  • Sent someone sexy pictures for money
  • Masturbated to something that wasn’t porn
  • Had sex with a stranger
  • Used a sex swing
  • Used food in the bedroom
  • Farted during sex
  • Tried flavored lube
  • Attended a fetish party
  • Had sex while playing a game/watching a movie
  • Had sex on a beach
  • Slept with more than one person on the same day

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