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Star Wars Villainous expansion features Darth Maul (and friend)

The next Star Wars Villainous expansion, featuring Darth Maul and Captain Phasma, has been announced - Revenge at Last will drop in July.

Star Wars villainous expansion featuring Darth Maul

Ravensburger is releasing a new standalone expansion for Star Wars Villainous this summer. Revenge at Last will feature two new characters: Darth Maul from the prequel trilogy, and Captain Phasma from the sequels. You’ll be able to play as either baddy, attempting to complete their sinister schemes the earliest, while delaying the rest of the hive of scum and villainy from tackling their own plots.

Star Wars Villainous: Revenge at Last will be available at Target stores from July 21, 2024. Before that, you’ll be able to preorder the game from June 24. The publisher plans to reveal more gameplay details for the Star Wars board game around this date.

For now though, Ravensburger’s head of new games marketing, Lysa Penrose, has said in a press release that the Darth Maul gameplay includes “an objective more ruthless than ever before”. Presumably that’s some kind of assassination or murder plot. Pretty brutal, but we reckon he’ll be ousted from top ruthlessness spot once Anakin appears as a villain with a ‘Kill the Younglings’ objective.

In all honesty, we can’t even remember what Captain Phasma wanted to achieve. Have more than 2 minutes of screen time? Not immediately surrender or get flung into a pit? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what Ravensburger has done with her character.

Star Wars Villainous expansion Scum and Villainy featuring Boba Fett and other bounty hunters and gangsters

Upon retail release, the Revenge at Last expansion will cost $19.99, which Ravensburger says is a “reduced price point”. Certainly, it’s cheaper than other Star Wars or Disney Villainous expansions, which are generally available for $29.99. However, the trade-off is you get fewer characters – past expansions have generally featured three.

Ravensburger has been experimenting with small, cheaper expansion packs of late. For instance, last year Disney Villainous brought us Filled with Fright, a single character pack featuring just Oogie Boogie. One year prior, the Marvel Villainous expansion We Are Venom came out, again with one villain on their lonesome.

This double pack features two characters, meaning you can technically play it standalone, but it’s obvious which villain is the crowdpleaser here (his image is on the box).

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