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Up to 70% off Modiphius tabletop RPGs, wargames, and minis

The Holiday Sale has 50% off the Star Trek RPG and Fallout miniature wargame, 70% off the Dishonored and Homeworld RPGs, and loads more!

A plethora of Modiphius RPGs in the tabletop RPG sale

‘Tis the Friday of deals, comrades, and the Modiphius Black Friday sale – live until November Sunday 26 – offers savings of up to 70% on tabletop RPGs, wargames rules, and miniatures. With so much on the table, we’ve selected the very choicest morsels for you to consider.

Modiphius is a British publisher with a substantial line-up of licensed tabletop RPGs and miniature wargames. It makes RPGs and other games for titles including Star Trek, Fallout, Dishonored, Dune, Homeworld, and even the classic John Carter of Mars. You can find everything in the sale at the Modiphius webstore, and we selected a few items we think you should definitely check out:

Tabletop RPG sale - Star Trek Adventures RPG special tricorder edition, a selection of books, dice, and counters, with a carry case that resembles a device from the original Star Trek series

Star Trek Adventures RPG – Tricorder Collector’s Boxed Set

Sure, the core rulebook for the Star Trek Adventures RPG is available in the sale, but why get that when a custom boxed set modelled on the tricorder from the original series is available? With a digest sized rulebook, dice, and pregen characters packed into the box, this is the kind of nerdy extravagance that sales are all about.

Tabletop RPG sale - Dishonored core rulebook, two assassins in blue blazers wearing metal facemasks

Dishonored Roleplaying Game

Modiphius’ Dishonored RPG adapts the stealth, intrigue, and unique supernatural steampunk setting of the Dishonored computer games onto the tabletop. It uses a more streamlined version of Modiphius’ 2D20 RPG dice system, putting the narrative first while emphasising stealth, politics, and the risk of Chaos; just like the videogames.

Tabletop RPG sale - a miniature of Swan, a super mutant behemoth, partly dressed in a ruined swan paddle boat, carrying an anchor

Fallout Wasteland Warfare – Swan

Many minis, accessories, and expansions from the Fallout Wasteland Warfare wargame are discounted by 50%, making it hard to pick just one… so we picked the biggest. Swan, a unique Super Mutant Behemoth that every Fallout 4 player who has encountered that pond will remember, is an absolute unit. Like the rest of this range he’s a perfect reproduction of the video game character, cast in high detail resin.

Tabletop RPG sale - Kult Divinity Lost core rulebook, a murky angelic figure rises from mist

Kult – Divinity Lost

Kult – Divinity Lost is the ultimate urban fantasy RPG. The world is a machine that distracts you from the true, awful nature of reality, and the spark of divine potential within you: you’re going to break it. The 4th edition core rulebook is gruesome gothic perfection, with scintillating artwork of both the wicked and the divine. Not suitable for kids, but highly recommended to fans of horror fiction and modern fantasy.

Tabletop RPG sale - the Dragonborn from Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms – Dragonborn Triumphant

Modiphius is offering much of the Elder Scrolls Call to Arms miniature game line at 40% off, with everything from Bandits to the huge Dwemer Centurion on sale. But how could we overlook the humble Dragonborn? This is the special edition promo mini produced for the game’s launch, made from resin, and based on the default hero from the Skyrim box art.

There are plenty more deep discounts in the offing at the moment. Many DnD books are available 3-for-2 on Amazon, and some excellent family board games are on sale too. How about a Pokemon booster box? Or some Warhammer 40k strategy games from the Steam sale?