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You could be paid to stream DnD rival Tales of the Valiant

A GM has put out a paid casting call for anyone with Actual Play experience to join a Tales of the Valiant mini series, starring rubbish heroes.

A DnD wizard chatting to a glowing purple skull

Fancy yourself the next DnD celeb? Want to get paid to play a tabletop RPG? A DM is hiring players to take part in an Actual Play game using the Tales of the Valiant system, Kobold Press’ new rival to DnD, which was announced during last year’s OGL crisis.

Run by Chris/HamasaMakun, the DM for Actual Play group Hot Asian DnD, the game is based around the concept of “The Worst Heroes You Know”.

The application form invites entrants to pitch their tabletop RPG character, who must start out utterly incompetent: like a Rogue 5e who only steals left socks, or a Cleric 5e who is literally the party’s mom.

“Part support group, part adventuring guild — this band of weirdos must now fight for a world that wants nothing to do with them,” explains the description, adding that the DM hopes to maintain a relatively serious plotline, covering themes of social isolation, feelings of inadequacy, and belonging.

A blue armored knight

This is despite having characters with terrible powers “ranging from smut clerics, pact of divorce warlocks, and a sentient goose”.

While advertised as a ‘paid casting call’, we should note that a pay rate is not provided. It looks like a short term gig: the mini series is intended to be six episodes, each one covering a two hour session. The whole thing will be pre-recorded rather than livestreamed.

If this sounds like the job for you, note that you’ll need to apply by Friday, June 14. You don’t need to know how to play Tales of the Valiant, as the description says “the GM will provide rulebooks and materials to play”, but the form does ask if you have a good internet speed, mic, and headphones. It also asks about previous Actual Play experience, diversity, and time zones.

The sign up sheet explains that the GM may send out consent forms to players, explaining: “You will be given an opportunity to let me know your comfortability with everything and everyone before you officially accept.”

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