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New custom minis site is “like Hero Forge without guard rails”

A new Hero Forge competitor emerges – TitanCraft, a TTRPG miniatures customisation website that charges for asset packs rather than individual models

Titancraft launch - photo of plastic miniature human

TitanCraft, a new website for creating custom miniatures, officially launched on March 2. Players who want unique minis for tabletop RPGs like D&D usually head for a big name like Hero Forge, but TitanCraft creator Andrew Stockton says his alternative application “is like Hero Forge without the guard rails”.

Stockton describes TitanCraft as “similar to Hero Forge but geared toward 3D printing”. “Rather than forcing the user to stay within set parameters to ensure a model that ‘works’, we decided to put all the tools into the user’s hands and let them do what they want”, he tells Wargamer.

Stockton says the site charges for item and outfit packs rather than per mini download – meaning you can “export unlimited characters for free using unlocked assets”. TitanCraft apparently also allows you to create monsters as well as playable characters, and you can kitbash by attaching an unlimited amount of monster or hero parts to your model.

The site also allows unlimited characters to be displayed in a scene. Stockton adds it offers “advanced pose tools”, which allow you to adjust individual items, legs, and even fingers.

Titancraft website showing two minis being designed

“Our business model means players can create and print their characters in a variety of poses/mounts without having to pay for each one”, Stockton tells Wargamer, “and DMs can create a huge amount of NPCs, villains, and monsters without breaking the bank”.

Since the big focus is on 3D printers, TitanCraft lets you download STLs of minis to print at home. “We offer several different digital asset packs that can be purchased individually”, Stockton says. “Once an asset pack is unlocked, a user can download unlimited characters using those parts for free.”

“If a user is only planning on creating one or two characters, they may prefer to unlock those assets individually instead of purchasing a whole pack”, he adds. “This generally costs between $1 and $5, depending on how many extra parts they’ve added.” Currently, asset pack prices range between $12 and $35. In comparison, each STL file from Hero Forge costs $7.99.

TitanCraft users can also order physical versions of their creations, with a standard miniature starting at $15. Any extras, such as additional arms or accessories, increase the cost based on the volume of the model. There’s apparently no need to own digital asset packs from the site to order miniatures; you can add features from the packs to your model without extra charges, as long as you’re ordering a physical mini. Physical Hero Forge miniatures prices start at $19.99.

Titancraft launch - plastic miniature of a winged demon

While Thursday is the official launch day of TitanCraft, Stockton tells Wargamer the site has been in open beta for several months. He says feedback has been “overwhelmingly positive” so far, citing Reddit as a community with warm responses.

“People like the art style, which is less chunky/cartoony than our competitors”, he adds. “People also like the freedom of customisation, especially in posing.” Plus, according to Stockton, “the 3D printing community loves to be able to download multiple poses/variations of the same character without having to repurchase the character”.

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