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Victoria 3 in “discussions” and Europa Universalis 5 coming “eventually”

Studio manager Johann Andersson tells us development discussions for Victoria 3 have been had

Military general in uniform from Victoria 3

May 21, 2021: Paradox has now officially announced Victoria 3, at PDXCON Remixed 2021 Get the full details here.

Among Paradox Interactive’s growing portfolio of grand strategy heavyweights, some titles have taken on cult status. And none more so than 19th century simulator, Victoria. Calls for the release, announcement, or even a tease of Victoria 3’s existence have spiralled into a mix of hopeful anticipation and meme request among Paradox fans. But the likelihood of the game surfacing isn’t nil, with Paradox in “discussions” about the sequel, and the future development of many of its  smaller titles.

Speaking to Wargamer, Johan Andersson, studio manager of the recently-established development studio Paradox Tinto, said that discussions about the future development of Paradox’s most popular and smaller series are ongoing. Older titles haven’t fallen off the radar, with his team in frequent talks about the development and prospect of some of Paradox’s more niche brands, that haven’t seen an entry in over a decade.

“We have discussed and planned, pretty much, a sequel to every single game we’ve ever worked on,” Andersson says.

“We’re discussing every single game that we’re always thinking about. We’ve had discussions about everything from Sengoku 2, to Victoria 3, to EU5,” he adds.

“We have talked about secrets for everything, and people have talked about ideas for everything we’ve done. And we have ideas for games we’ve never really started yet.”

While not confirming any game’s impending release, it does fuel further speculation that Victoria 3 is in the mix for a potential release in the future, alongside some potentially unexpected return entries. Paradox fans might be surprised to hear the mention of Sengoku 2, given the studio’s first attempt to bring their grand strategy formula to Feudal Japan back in 2010 was met with little fanfare, and failed to harness the same fan appreciation of their other games.

And don’t expect Europa Universalis 5 to appear anytime soon, either. While confirming that Paradox Tinto plans to develop more expansions for Europa Universalis 4 “for a while” yet, Andersson suggested a sequel is a long way off.

When asked when EU5 might appear, he said: “Eventually, yes. But it’s like, eventually, we’re all gonna die also. So that’s the only good answer for it.”

Paradox previously announced it will be revealing a new game at its annual convention and fan-gathering PDXCON Remixed, scheduled to be hosted remotely next month. We’ll have to wait until then to see whether that new release will be Victoria 3, an unexpected option, such as Sengoku 2, or a brand new IP.

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