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Everything revealed for Space Marine 2 coop multiplayer

Space Marine 2 coop multiplayer will allow up to three friends to simultaneously smash the alien Tyranids as power-armored Space Marines.

Space Marine 2 coop multiplayer - pictured from behind, three Space Marines in the blue power armor of the Ultramarines watch a Tyranid assault on an Imperial city

Developer Focus Entertainment revealed a Space Marine 2 cooperative multiplayer mode on June 8. Up to three players can squad up and fight side by side for the game’s entire narrative campaign.

If you’re eager for more information about Space Marine 2, we’re compiling a Space Marine 2 walkthrough with everything that has so far been released to the press or contained in the preview build. We’re also eagerly tracking news of the Space Marine 2 release date.

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This guide covers everything revealed about Space Marine 2 co-op multiplayer so far, as well as the questions that remained to be answered:

Space Marine 2 co-op characters

While Primaris Lieutenant Titus is the protagonist of Space Marine 2 and the character you’ll take control of when playing in single-player mode, he’s not alone. Titus is accompanied by two of his Ultramarines battle brothers, brothers Chairon and Gadriel, who can be controlled by the AI or by other players.

All three Space Marines enjoy the same core move set and can use the same weapons, but each can unleash unique ultimate abilities when their ultimate gauge has fully charged.

Space Marine 2 coop multiplayer - brother Chairon fires a bolter as hordes of Tyranids scale down the walls of a manufactorum

Titus’ ultimate unleashes a roar of defiance, turning him into a melee mincing machine for a short time. Chairon has a scanner pulse that marks all enemies in a wide area, while Gadriel appears to throw some kind of grenade. As Chairon and Titus weren’t playable in the preview build, it’s hard to say exactly what their ultimates do, but they certainly look cool!

Space Marine 2 co-op revives

When you’re knocked to zero health in Space Marine 2, you’re not necessarily out of the fight. Your companions – whether they’re controlled by the AI or another player – can revive you, provided they can clear a space among the hordes of Tyranids before you bleed out.

You’ve got about 30 seconds to revive a downed comrade, pressing and holding the reload button to bring them back to their feet.

Space Marine 2 coop multiplayer - brother Gadriel fires a Plasma Incinerator at an oncoming horde of Tyranids

Space Marine 2 co-op voice chat

While the Space Marine 2 preview build is single-player only, the audio options allow you to toggle voice chat, with a choice between automatic or push-to-talk chat activation.

If you want to communicate without using voice chat, you can press and hold ‘Up’ on the D-pad to call up a radial menu of messages that you can select from using the right analogue stick. Once you’ve chosen a pragmatic option like “Attack” or “Defend”, release the Up button to send the message to your team-mates.

There is another menu of communication options which is purely narrative, filled with phrases like “Centuries of war” and “Bolter loaded”. While you’re holding Up, press RB / R1 to toggle to this menu, and LB / L1 to toggle back.

Space Marine 2 coop multiplayer - brother Gadriel fires a bolter at a Tyranid engaing Lt. Titus

Space Marine 2 cross-platform multiplayer

We don’t yet know if there will be Space Marine 2 cross-platform multiplayer. Space Marine 2 is due to release on PC, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, but it’s not yet clear if players on one platform can play multiplayer with players on another. Cross-platform multiplayer between PC and Xbox seems likely, while PC and PS5 cross platform is possible but not guaranteed.

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Space Marine 2 competitive multiplayer

Focus Entertainment has not yet announced a Space Marine 2 competitive multiplayer mode. The original Space Marine had a very successful competitive multiplayer mode, which contributed to its reputation as one of the best Warhammer 40k games on PC or console.

If you’re interested in Space Marine 2 but you’re not familiar with Warhammer 40k lore, our guides to the Imperium of Man and the many Warhammer 40k factions will get you up to speed with the setting.