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Second most hated Warhammer 40k character comes to Warhammer TV

Lucius the Eternal, blademaster of Slaanesh, traitor of Istvaan III, and all around bad egg, makes his animated debut on the Warhammer streaming service.

Warhammer 40k Character Lucius the Eternal - Lucius during the Horus Heresy in rich purple and gold armor with black trim. His head is bald and scarred, he wields two swords

Games Workshop has released a new animation starring Lucius the Eternal, the second most hated Warhammer 40k character, on its Warhammer 40k streaming service Warhammer TV. The eminently punchable champion of Slaanesh made his debut on July 5 in the latest episode of the Hammer and Bolter anthology series, ‘Eternal’.

According to a Warhammer Community post announcing the new episode, Lucius is on a mission of retribution, breaking into the fortress monastery of the Exorcists Space Marine chapter, to punish them for the temerity of capturing another Emperor’s Children Chaos Space Marine.

Warhammer 40k's most hated character Lucius the Eternal appears in Eternal, screenshot of a pink-armored Chaos Space Marine facing away from a black-armored Space Marine Justiciar wielding an executioner's blade

Enemies who slay Lucius and experience even a moment’s satisfaction find their victory short-lived. The power of Chaos begins to warp their body, gradually transforming them into Lucius.

Lucius first appeared as a special character in the Chaos Space Marines “3.5” edition Codex in 1999 (the second Warhammer 40k Codex they received in the third edition of the game). His origins were fleshed out in the Horus Heresy books released from 2006 onwards – and he’s an absolute heel. This video by Mr Bones 40k gives a bit of a sense of (at least some) community sentiment about him.

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During the Great Crusade, Lucius was a preening narcissist, but he was considered a brother by Saul Tarvitz, a humble line captain who was unstintingly dedicated to the Imperium and the ideals of the Great Crusade. Everyone likes Saul Tarvitz.

When Horus Lupercal trapped the loyalist elements of four Space Marine legions on the surface of Istvaan III in order to virus bomb them, Tarvitz got warning to the marines on the ground. He then coordinated the last stand against Horus’ ground assault to buy time for news to reach Terra of Horus’ treachery.

Lucius was one of those under siege alongside Tarvitz. He wasn’t happy that his rise to glory was being cut short. He turned traitor, turning over the loyalists plans and collapsing their defence.

Being evil in 40k is par for the course, but betraying a fan-favorite character is a good way to earn yourself a reputation among the galaxy’s most hated – the second most hated, we would judge. You can read our guide to Khârn the Betrayer if you want to understand why Erebus of the Word Bearers has a firm grip on the top spot.