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Warhammer 40k: new Eldar Warlock model has three heads, four hands

In its latest "Path of the Preview" Craftworlds Eldar model reveal, Games Workshop has shown off a brand new plastic Aeldari Warlock character

Warhammer 40k Craftworlds Eldar new warlock model - Warhammer Community photo showing the new Warlock model

In its latest ‘Path of the Preview’ Craftworlds Eldar model reveal for Warhammer 40k, Games Workshop has shown off a new, plastic Aeldari Warlock miniature – complete with two melee weapon choices; two choices of off-hand; and three choices of head – two helmeted, one bare-headed. There’s no release date for this chap yet – but there is a 30-second trailer showcasing the new mini in all its glory – you can watch it below.

The latest in a string of snazzy, all-new plastic remakes of classic Eldar miniatures unveiled on GW’s Warhammer Community site every week the Aeldari-versus-Chaos Space Marines battlebox ‘Eldritch Omens’ was announced on Christmas Day 2021, the new Warlock arrives hot on the heels of a heavily updated Dark Reapers kit, revealed last Monday.

And GW promises that next week – Monday, January 31, if it sticks to the current schedule – will bring yet another Aeldari reveal, adding ever more credence to the idea that the Craftworlds Eldar 9th edition codex may be the next book to release after the T’au Empire book arrives on February 5. There’s been no official hint of this just yet, mind.

GW confirms the new Warlock model comes with two right hand options – one clutching a Shuriken Pistol, and the other in an obviously arcane, warp-shaping pointing gesture –  while, in the left hand, the Warlock can carry either a Singing Spear or Witchblade.

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Echoing the extra modelling options promised for the new Guardians and Dark Reapers kits, the new plastic Warlock can also have one of three heads: helmetless; a helm with a topknot-style plume; or one with a striped, Dire Avenger crest.

Warhammer 40k Craftworlds Eldar new warlock model - Warhammer Community photo showing the new Warlock model head options

Monday’s Warhammer Community reveal article makes a particular point that these extra modelling options allow you to “assemble a veritable Seer Council of distinct models”.

But there’s not yet any solid indication  of whether the faction’s upcoming codex will make changes to how these classic character units will be organised within your Aeldari armies – nor what in-game abilities they’ll boast. For that, we’ll have to wait for previews of the Craftworlds Eldar codex itself.

In the meantime, however, keep up to date with all the Warhammer 40k codex releases, news, and analysis with our rolling 9th edition codex release date guide.