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GW will pay you to keep Warhammer 40k balanced (if you’re quick)

Games Workshop is hiring a Warhammer 40k game developer to examine the meta and tweak the rules to create a balanced Matched Play environment

Warhammer 40k, a T'au close up.

Got a head for numbers and strong views about how to make Warhammer a fairer, more balanced game? Games Workshop is looking for a game developer to shape the Warhammer 40k Matched Play experience. They won’t be looking for much longer, however, so get your applications in quick!

The role will involve “statistical analysis of the current meta”, and you’ll need to take part in and visit Matched Play events “as often as possible”. It’ll be you writing Warhammer 40k’s balance dataslates, tweaking points values, and generally speaking up to ensure the right decisions are made for the sake of the game’s balance. You’ll also be tasked with creating GW’s Matched Play mission packs.

Unusually, the official job advert gives details on what the recruitment process will entail, beyond the first step of CV and cover letter. You’ll be asked to “complete an analysis of the current Match Play environment” and create a report on what actions you’d take to improve the player experience and game balance across all Warhammer 40k factions – essentially your own take on a quarterly balance dataslate.

Warhammer 40k a robed tech priest covered in machinery, hunched over.

If this sounds like the job for you, then be aware the deadline is tight – there’s only two days left before applications close on November 18. If you’re not sure you’ve got the right experience, be aware that GW’s advert acknowledges “experience in the field of tabletop games development is a rare commodity”, and states the company will “work with the selected candidate to provide training and mentorship to help you thrive in this field.”

If you’ve experience in board game or video game design, creative writing or statistics skills, or can demonstrate a love for creating Warhammer content, these could help set you up for success – according to the job posting.

No options for remote working are listed, so we can assume this role requires you to work from the Warhammer World site in Nottingham, UK (sorry US readers!). The pay is not listed, but you will benefit from what appears to be GW’s standard package of 33 days holiday (including public holidays), a matched pension scheme, profit share bonus, and discount on Warhammer products.

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