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Fan transforms Hulk toy into a Warhammer 40k Nurgle daemon

YouTuber ScratchBashing sacrificed a badly battered Marvel Hulk toy to summon a Warhammer 40k Great Unclean One, greater daemon of Nurgle.

Warhammer 40k fan transforms a Marvel Hulk toy - pictured, a muscly green action figure made out of plastic - into a Nurgle daemon

If you have enough glue, greenstuff, and imagination, you can turn almost anything into a Warhammer 40k Nurgle daemon. That’s the lesson from YouTuber ScratchBashing’s latest video, uploaded on Saturday, in which he pulls a Marvel Hulk toy limb from limb to form the basis of a grimy Warhammer 40k Greater Daemon.

ScratchBashing’s video is full of techniques that should be easy to put into practise, though kids should ask an adult for help using blades and glues. Everything about Nurgle Daemons, from their bodies to their equipment, is degraded and imperfect. You don’t have to worry about mimicking official models perfectly, so they’re a great Warhammer 40k faction (or Age of Sigmar army) for first time scratch-builders and kit-bashers.

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ScratchBashing keeps the limbs from the Marvel Hulk toy for this build, but the bulk of any Great Unclean one is its enormous, rotting body. He builds this up from a wild mixture of materials, including packing cardboard, aluminum foil, bark, hot glue, the base of a plastic Yosemite Sam toy, and lots of modelling putty.

You can check out the ScratchBashing channel to find lots more kitbash videos. He’s created some wild, big-scale models, including a ridiculously huge Ork, and a Warhammer Titan for the Necrons. This is actually the second Great Unclean One that he’s made; two years ago he went into the woods and created one from sticks and “other nature junk”.

We love a creative (or chaotic) kitbash. Earlier in June, lore YouTuber ArbitorIan hybridised a Tyranid Psychophage with a houseplant to create a living Warhammer 40k ‘Bulbanid’. And remote-control enthusiast GroundEffected is always working on something new, like a remote-controlled Space Marine Land Raider with real flamethrowers.