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Warhammer fan and Netflix actor Rahul Kohli makes mini of himself

Keen Warhammer 40k hobbyist and Netflix Midnight Mass star Rahul Kohli commissioned a full 3D model of Sheriff Hassan, Kohli's on-screen character

Warhammer 40k fan and Netflix actor Rahul Kohli makes mini of himself - Rahul Kohli Twitter photo showing Sheriff Hassan from Netflix show, and Kohli's 3D model side by side

Rahul Kohli, recently self-declared Warhammer 40k fan (and the actor who plays Sheriff Hassan in the Netflix TV series Midnight Mass) has taken his hobby to the next level by commissioning a full-body digital 3D model of himself, apparently in order to 3D print a Sheriff Hassan mini.

London-born Kohli (36) tweeted on Tuesday that he’d “commissioned the ridiculously talented [Xavier Coelho-Kostolny] to make a Sheriff Hassan sculpt that I can 3D print and paint”. In the tweet and its replies, Kohli says he wanted the model because he’s “never really been part of a project that had merch of a character I played”. US comedy drama iZombie – in which Kohli played his first major part as medical examiner Ravi Chakrabarti – had merch featuring the cast, but “missed me out”, according to Kohli.

It’s just the latest in months’ worth of social media posts by Kohli expressing a love for the Warhammer hobby (he’s collecting and painting Ultramarines Space Marines and Death Korps of Krieg Astra Militarum armies for Warhammer 40k) since he revealed on January 13 (rather excitedly) he was getting into 40k while filming.

It’s not clear yet exactly what plans Kohli has for his Sheriff Hassan 3D model – although Coelho-Kostolny did reply to Tuesday’s tweet saying “Sure are a lot of folks who want to print this and do unspeakable things with it” – to which Kohli replied “I’m one of them.” Welp.

Since laying bare his Warhammer 40k hobby, Kohli has also tweeted that he “[loves] painting and building. Acting is fine I suppose”, naming Gunpla and Lego as other interests, and sharing photos of his painted Star Wars: Legion Empire and Rebels miniatures.

Kohli’s enthusiastic self-outing as a celebrity who loves Warhammer and the wider tabletop hobby – not to mention Total War: Warhammer 3 (read our TW3 review here) and Dark Souls 3 – comes as part of an apparent ‘opening up’ of Warhammer-loving celebs, since The Witcher star Henry Cavill robustly repped the Warhammer hobby on the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show in December 2021.

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