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Warhammer 40k Tau Empire gets melee troops via new Kroot minis

Games Workshop has revealed a massive update for the T'au Empire's flesh-eating, gene-melding Kroot auxiliaries, promises more to come.

Tau Empire Krootox Rampager - avian alien with quills, beak, wielding a knife and javelins riding an even larger avian alien with a gorilla-like posture

Games Workshop has revealed a swathe of new models for the Warhammer 40k T’au Empire faction, with a substantial range update for the Kroot, the T’au Empire’s melee-focused alien allies.

The Kroot Hunting Pack box set, revealed during Thursday’s Las Vegas Open livestream, contains updated versions of several old kits and introduces brand new units to the T’au Empire. According to Warhammer Community spokesperson Eddie Eccles, this box represents “about half” of the new releases coming for the Kroot.

The Kroot Hunting Pack contains 26 Warhammer 40k miniatures, consisting of:

  • Kroot Carnivores x 20
  • Krootox Rider x 1
  • Krootox Rampagers x 3
  • Kroot Gene Shaper x 1
  • Kroot War Shaper x 1

Tau Empire Kroot Carnivores - avian aliens with quills, beaks, strange bulky rifles and heavy bore grenade launcher

Kroot Carnivores are the mainstay of Kroot forces, basic infantry that combine a natural talent for violence with surprisingly effective ranged weapons based on T’au technology. The new kits replace models that have been part of the T’au Empire range since it debuted in Warhammer 40k 3rd edition, and contain a new special weapon, which looks to be a grenade launcher.

Tau Empire Krootox Rider - an avian alien with quills and a beak manning a large gun from the back of an even larger avian alian with a gorilla-like posture

The new Krootox Rider likewise replaces a classic model, which was previously available in Citadel Finecast resin. Krootox are genetic offshoots of the Kroot, larger and more bestial, that are harnessed by their kindred to function as mobile weapons platforms. The new kit contains a variety of heavy weapon options.

Tau Empire Krootox Rampager - avian alien with quills, beak, wielding a knife and javelins riding an even larger avian alien with a gorilla-like posture

Krootox Rampagers are a new unit. They’re younger, more belligerent Krootox, ridden into battle as shock cavalry. In a conventional T’au Empire list they could function as a counter-assault unit to unstick your lines when the enemy engage you in melee, or in an all-Kroot army they could be the tip of the spear for a melee charge.

Tau Empire Kroot Flesh Shaper- avian alien with quills, beak, wielding a pair of skinning knives, draped in skins

The Kroot have a profoundly malleable genome, which adapts to incorporate DNA from the species they consume. The Kroot Gene Shaper is a new character model, responsible for cultivating the race’s genetics by deciding what – or who – they should eat.

Tau Empire Kroot War Shaper- avian alien with quills, beak, wielding a recurve bow and a three-bladed throwing star, with closeup shots showing details of a variant head and a quill-studded cloak

The Kroot War Shaper is a Kroot battle leader and general. The new kit has a variety of head and weapon options, including a tri-bladed throwing star and a recurve bow.

The box will also contain the new Warhammer 40k Codex for the T’au. According to Eccles, the codex will contain a new Warhammer 40k Detachment focused on the Kroot, enabling players to field a force largely (or entirely) composed of man-eating birdmen.

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As fans of the Warhammer 40k Xenos factions, we approve wholeheartedly of this Kroot onslaught. This isn’t the only major plastic sci-fi release to come out of the Las Vegas open – check out the new plastic Solar Auxilia range.