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Warhammer wiki guide: Lexicanum vs Warhammer 40k Wiki

There are two popular and much-loved 40k wikis, so it can be hard to know which one to visit. Let's find out which Warhammer 40k wiki is right for you.

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When you’ve got a burning question about the world of Warhammer 40k, where should you look? Who can tell you what Primarch Rogal Dorn likes for breakfast? Where can you turn if you want to know what Slaanesh thought of the Stranger Things finale? Well, Wargamer.com ought to be your first port of call, of course, and we’re a little bit offended that you even asked. But say you’re looking for some niche info or want to take a real deep dive through Warhammer lore, you could do worse than checking out one of the Warhammer 40k wikis.

There are two main Warhammer wikis to be aware of, Lexicanum and the Fandom Warhammer 40k Wiki. Fan-made collaborative reference sites stuffed full of game and setting information, both of these big Warhammer wikis are fantastic repositories of 40k knowledge. While any wiki is likely to have its fair share of troubles – from the occasional bit of dubious detail, to the odd poorly structured page – for the most part, both are quality sites. The only trouble with the 40k wikis is that there’s more than one of them.

When you’re looking to hunt down some sweet, sweet Warhammer 40k information, or just want to escape to the grim darkness of the far future and kill an hour or so, which is the best Warhammer wiki? That’s the question this guide is here to answer.

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Which Warhammer 40k wiki has the most content?

From a pure numbers standpoint, Lexicanum is far larger than the Warhammer 40k Wiki. It’s been kicking around since 2005, much longer than its rival (which was born in 2010), and has had time to accumulate a far larger number of articles. At time of writing, Lexicanum has 34,235 articles to Warhammer 40k Wiki’s 6,244.

If you take those numbers alone, it doesn’t look so good for the Warhammer 40k Wiki. Things aren’t quite so clear cut, however, since a lot of the content in Lexicanum’s index is simply redirect links that will take you to another page. The Warhammer 40k Wiki also tends to have much, much longer articles than Lexicanum, and less content that feels incomplete. There are lots of stub pages on Lexicanum that could do with expanding.

Essentially, Lexicanum has more pages but generally goes into less detail. The Warhammer 40k Wiki has far fewer pages, but what it does have is more fleshed out.

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Which Warhammer 40k wiki is best for lore?

The Warhammer wiki you should head to for your lore needs will depend on what you’re after, as both 40k wikis have a great deal of very extensive Warhammer 40k lore content.

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As a general rule, you’ll find that Lexicanum very much sticks to the facts, with less flowery writing than the Warhammer 40k Wiki, but also less detail and background in its pieces. The Warhammer 40k wiki, meanwhile, has longer articles that really dig into niche lore at times. It also has a reputation for dipping into the realm of speculation and theory more frequently than Lexicanum, however.

While we can’t say for sure that either wiki is flawless when it comes to lore (does even Games Workshop get everything right 100% of the time?) both wikis make good use of citations throughout. However, Lexicanum has its citations embedded in the text of the relevant passage, making it far easier to fact check and ‘keep them honest’ so to speak. Worth bearing in mind.

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Which Warhammer 40k wiki is best for game detail?

In all honesty, while both Warhammer 40k wikis are a good place to look if you want to swot up on your Warhammer lore, they’re not so handy if you want to know information about the actual game of Warhammer 40k.

Lexicanum does a better job of providing images of different unit models through Warhammer 40k’s various editions, while the Warhammer 40k Wiki does better at telling you about the wargear of different units. Neither touch on strategy or stats, so you’re plain out of luck there. You’ll have to check out the official Warhammer 40k codex of your chosen army, or maybe try one of our articles – like this one on detachments.

Which Warhammer 40k wiki is best overall?

You might think this is a bit of a cop out, but if you really want to get the most information on any given topic within Warhammer 40k, we’d recommend checking out both Warhammer wikis. The 40k wikis complement each other nicely, and you’ll often find that each contains snippets of information that their counterpart is missing

Aside from that, it really depends on what you’re after, and which one’s writing style or layout you prefer (a note on that front, the Warhammer 40k Wiki has a ‘Light Mode’ option if the white text on black makes your eyes scream). Hopefully this comparison of the two will set you off on the right path.