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New AoS army bundles coming, starting with Stormcast Eternals

Games Workshop reveals a new Age of Sigmar bundle box for the Stormcast Eternals, promises “plenty of other factions” will get them.

Age of Sigmar army bundle Stormcast Eternals bundle - Yndrasta, Spear of Twilight

Games Workshop has revealed a new Age of Sigmar army bundle box set, Spearhead: Stormcast Eternals, via a Warhammer Community post on Monday. The bundle contains sixteen miniatures, including several that are currently only available direct from Games Workshop, and the post states that “plenty of other factions” will receive their own Spearhead box set.

So far Games Workshop has not revealed the price point for this new kind of Age of Sigmar bundle. But the composition of Spearhead: Stormcast Eternals – a large model, a battleline unit, an elite unit, and two characters – is very similar to what you’d find in a Vanguard box set, and those are priced at $140 (£85).

Age of Sigmar army bundle Stormcast Eternals Spearhead box cover

Spearhead: Stormcast Eternals contains sixteen miniatures, consisting of:

  • Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear x 1
  • Knight Vexillor x 1
  • Vanquishers x 10
  • Annihilators x 3
  • Stormstrike Chariot x 1

Age of Sigmar Vanguard box sets, and Warhammer 40k Combat Patrol boxes, are entry-point products intended to entice new customers into their respective games with bundles of minis. It’s possible that Spearheads will simply replace Vanguard boxes, but Games Workshop has not given any indication that this is the case.

Age of Sigmar army bundle Stormcast Eternals bundle - golden knights, some riding chariots pulled by griffin-hounds, banner-bearer, sworsman, heavy infantry

Wargamer is confident that Age of Sigmar fourth edition will release this Summer. If we’re right, these new Spearhead boxes might be a limited-run item released for the end of the current edition, in a similar way to the Warhammer 40k Boarding Patrol bundles available at the end of Warhammer 40k ninth edition.

Several of the models in this box set don’t have general retail availability. Yndrasta, the Knight Vexillor, and the monopose Annihilators were all part of the Dominion launch box for Age of Sigmar third edition. After that they were available in the direct-order only Thunderstrike Command set.

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The equivalent Orruk Kruleboyz models from the Dominion box set have since been released in the Vanguard Orruk Warclans box.

Missed out on Dominion when it released? The other models from that box set are available in the current AoS starter sets – check out our guide to find out which Age of Sigmar starter set has the best bang for your buck if you want to pick up old models.