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Age of Sigmar 3rd edition Dominion boxset to be revealed this Saturday

Games Workshop will lift the lid on Age of Sigmar's third edition boxed set this weekend

The launch box for Age of Sigmar third edition will be revealed this weekend. Confirmed in a Warhammer Community post yesterday, Dominion will be the latest boxed set for the fantasy miniatures game, and kick off its soon-to-be-released third edition. Introducing updated rules, an expanded range of Stormcast Eternals models, and a brand new, swamp-themed faction, the set will be revealed – and rifled through before our hungry eyes – in a Warhammer livestream this Saturday.

In typical Games Workshop fashion, details of the box’s contents have been kept secret since the announcement of the new edition earlier this month. Yesterday’s post compared the upcoming set to 2020’s Indomitus box, giving us some hints about how Games Workshop is angling the new set. The launch set for Warhammer 40k 8th edition, Indomitus introduced the Primaris Space Marines, a new breed of the game’s classic Imperial warriors, which are larger, and more powerful, than their standard brethren.

Dominion looks to be taking a similar spin to Age of Sigmar’s own magical marines, the Stormcast Eternals. The game’s lawful good poster boys will be reinforced with beefed-up variants, who’ve upgraded their Sigmarite Armour to snazzier ‘Thunderstrike Armour’. We’ve already seen two new units for the Stormcast Eternals: the hammer-wielding Annihilator, and the spear-carrying Vindicator troops.

But the question remains which faction will join the Stormcast Eternals in the upcoming set. Billed as a new, swamp-themed army, it’s been strongly hinted that the antagonists will belong to the game’s Grand Alliance of Destruction, following the return of Kragnos in Age of Sigmar lore, and the rise of the forces of Destruction in his wake.

Given the launch box for Age of Sigmar’s first edition included Chaos, and Death’s Nighthaunt was the antagonist of its second, fans have suggested that moving onto the final, fourth Order could be reasonably expected of the third edition.

Games Workshop has also hinted that “a few extra surprises” will be shown during the livestream, which could be anything from new models to rule reveals.

You can watch Games Workshop lift the lid on Dominion this Saturday on the official Warhammer Twitch channel at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT / 6pm BST.

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