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Legions Imperialis rival coming from Bethesda mini maker Modiphius

Full Spectrum Dominance, an epic scale wargame with a gorgeous 3D sculpts for tiny minis, is getting hardcover rules and new factions.

Legions Imperialis alternative - a hand lifts a tiny miniature of a huge tracked vehicle from the wargame Full Spectrum Dominance, while a "mind-blown" emoji looks on, presumably with its mind blown.

While the sell-out pre-order for Legions Imperialis may have left you disappointed, there are already alternatives for gamers hungering for big battles with tiny minis. Full Spectrum Dominance, a sci-fi wargame supported by a line of gorgeous minis for 3D printers, is getting a hardcover rulebook from Modiphius, the firm that makes both the Fallout and Skyrim wargames for Bethesda.

Wargamer covered Full Spectrum Dominance earlier this year, drawn to the gorgeous 3D sculpts produced by The Lazy Forger, Giacomo “Jack” Pantalone and Federico “Feo” Valsecchi. We called it “Warhammer 40k meets Command and Conquer”, thanks to an channels the golden age of RTS games.

Legions Imperialis alternative - hands lift tiny miniature of a huge ramshackle vehicle from the wargame Full Spectrum Dominance

According to a post on the Modiphius website, the UK-based firm will print an “updated retail edition” of the game’s core rules. This will add in “narrative scenarios, solo rules, a campaign system with advancements and area of control”. There will also be “two packs of unit cards covering both current factions, The Enlisted and The Tech, plus two completely new factions, The Conglomerate and The Union”.

There’s no indication that Modiphius will put the Full Spectrum Dominance miniatures into production as traditional metal, resin, or plastic casts. It will provide a “sample set of STL miniatures” for 3D printers along with the revised rulebook.

Partly, that’s because Full Spectrum Dominance is scale agnostic, using “distance units” instead of fixed measurements, letting you scale the miniatures and playing area up and down to suit your available space.

The miniature range will expand; The Lazy Forger will launch a crowdfunding campaign on November 29 for new industrial terrain and new faction minis.

Legions Imperialis alternative Full Spectrum Dominance terrain - a Warhound titan looms over a teeny, highly-detailed Radar building

Wargamer has received review samples of Full Spectrum Dominance STLs, and printed some at home: a radar station even made its way into the photos for our Legions Imperialis review. We can heartily recommend the scenery as a source of Legions Imperialis terrain; it’s characterful and extremely detailed.

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Wargamer hasn’t yet tested the rules – you can check out ROK Mini’s ‘How To Play’ video above to get a feel for the game.

Check out our guide to Black Friday 3D printer deals if you want to get into this hobby within a hobby and produce your own Full Spectrum Dominance armies – but make sure you read our guide on how to 3D print miniatures for important safety advice.