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Warhammer Cursed City ends with mini-less Nemesis expansion

The final Warhammer Quest: Cursed City board game expansion from Games Workshop requires several out-of-stock products to be played at all

Warhammer Quest Cursed City Nemesis expansion no minis - Games Workshop art of Radukar the Wolf

Games Workshop announced a new expansion for the Warhammer Quest: Cursed City on October 25, but the news feels like a nail in the coffin for the troubled board game. According to a Warhammer Community post from Tuesday, the co-op miniatures game expansion comes with zero new minis, instead relying on fans to buy existing additional products in order to play. GW points out this is the final expansion for the game.

Cursed City: Nemesis brings players back to the city of Ulfenkarn for one final battle with its returned, vengeful ruler, Radukar the Wolf. It includes a fresh rulebook, 25 tokens and counters, and 19 reference cards. New mechanics are also included, with GW introducing sinkholes, major actions, and exalt tokens.

While it’s not yet clear how much Nemesis will cost, we do know the price of all the extras you’ll need to buy before you can play. The core Cursed City game costs $199 / £125 on the GW website; the previous Nightwars expansion is $50 / £30; and the five types of minis required add up to $193 / £117. A handful of the miniatures are temporarily out of stock in some parts of the world. Perhaps more damning is the fact that (at least in the UK) Cursed City: Nightwars is no longer available to buy from GW at all.

Followers of the Cursed City will know this isn’t the first time the game has lived up to its ill-fated name. GW surprised fans in 2021 by giving the core game a very limited release – one that hinted at production problems as the Cursed City miniatures released separately not long after. The game had been hyped up and a long line of expansions seemed certain, but the sudden pivot had many questioning Warhammer’s communications strategy.

Warhammer Quest Cursed City Nemesis expansion no minis - Games Workshop product photo of Nemesis box

Cursed City rose from the grave in 2022, promising multiple expansions upon its return. The Nightwars expansion arrived in autumn. This also required you to buy the previously released miniatures to play, but with an undisclosed number of Cursed City expansions still on the horizon, Ulfenkarn seemed to have life in it yet. With the announcement of Nemesis, it seems we now know how the Cursed City saga ends.

Learn more about the Nemesis expansion in Tuesday’s Warhammer Community post.

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