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These spiky minotaurs would rock in a Warhammer Chaos army

Veteran miniature maker Avatars of War is raising funds on Kickstarter to turn a range of digital Minotaur minis into physical models.

Avatars of War Minotaurs perfect for Warhammer Beastmen - a unit of five minotaurs armed with heand weapons and shields. One carries a drum, another a banner

Spanish miniature maker Avatars of War is Kickstarting a range of multipart resin-cast minotaur miniatures that would look perfect in a Warhammer Beastmen army. The crowdfunding campaign has already raised the funds needed to create production molds for the miniatures, and closes to backers on Friday August 4 at 4.20pm UTC.

Though 3D sculpted, sculptor Felix Paniagua has invested these beastie boys with plenty of old-school character, with rippling muscles and massive bullheads. They would look the part in either Warhammer: The Old World or a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar army, not to mention fan fantasy games like The Ninth Age or Warhammer Armies Project.

Starter pledge for the Avatars of War multipart minotaur unit, perfect for use as Warhammer beastmen - a mixture of heads, torsos, legs, weapons, shields, a banner, and military drum

The ‘Starter Pledge’ costs $49 (€45) and, including stretch goals, has the parts needed to make six minotaurs, armed with either great weapon, hand-weapon and shield, or twin hand weapons. The pledge has multiple heads, and “all of the components needed to assemble a command group (musician, leader and standard bearer).” You can back it here on Kickstarter.

Two huge minotaur lords are also available for $13 (€12) each. You can see what the kits are like in this video by Guardianes del sur:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you own or have access to a 3D printer, most of these models are already available in digital STL format from the Avatars of Wars webstore. The crowdfunding campaign is paying to create SioCast molds that will allow mass production of the miniatures.

SioCast is a recent innovation in miniature making. It allows miniatures to be cast with molten plastic into rubber molds, which are far cheaper than the metal molds used in polystyrene casting – Games Workshop recently announced it spent over $8 million dollars on Warhammer molds in financial year 2022-23. SioCast’s injection molding process makes models far faster than traditional resin casting.

Front and back view of Avatars of War minotaurs, perfect for Warhammer fantasy - they are armed with brutal double-handed weapons

Avatars of War was founded in 2006 by Johanna Acquah and Felix Paniagua, specialising in heroic fantasy miniatures. Paniagua has sculpted for both Games Workshop and Privateer Press.

If you’re a Warhammer Fantasy fan who can’t wait for the Warhammer: The Old World release date, you might have heard that the fan-maintained Warhammer Armies Project had shut down due to alleged legal communications from GW. That was only temporary, and the project creator is bringing its fan-maintained Warhammer army books back online, albeit without any Games Workshop art or text.