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Fan beats hard-as-nails Baldur’s Gate 3 Honor Mode by walking

Broken Baldur’s Gate 3 build ahoy – here’s how a BG3 YouTuber dealt infinite damage in Honor Mode, just by getting their daily steps in.

Baldurs Gate 3's Minthara, and a Twitter emoji of red sneakers

One gaming YouTuber has found a way to beat Baldur’s Gate 3 Honor Mode, simply by walking. Fracture posted a video on March 13, documenting a detailed BG3 build that can deal infinite damage without making a single attack, even on the hardest difficulty.

Walking may sound like an incredibly lazy way to play, but the truth is it’s far from leisurely. Fracture’s perambulating plan involves a shopping list of very specific magic items, and the Baldur’s Gate 3 build involves a lot of multiclassing and re-speccing.

You can hear the whole thing in Fracture’s words – here’s the video. Otherwise, carry on reading for a speedy summary.

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First, Fracture creates a DnD Wizard and recruits a starter party with Astarion and Shadowheart. They’re not too important for this build, but they’re nice to have around. Fracture grabs the Haste Helm and Crusher’s Ring to boost their movement speed early on, as well as the sword Phalar Aluve – which is crucial to the build.

Phalar Aluve has the Shriek aura, which gives all enemies within 20ft a 1d4 penalty to Charisma, Wisdom, and Intelligence saving throws. It also deals 1d4 extra Thunder damage to these enemies, and it lasts five turns.

The next key item is the Boots of Stormy Clamor. Any time your character inflicts a condition on a hostile creature, the boots give them two turns of Reverberation. This adds another penalty to saving throws, but more importantly, enemies take 1d4 Thunder damage and possibly fall prone once they have five lots of Reverberation on the stack.

Next, Fracture respecs to a DnD Rogue and picks up the Alert 5e feat and the Sentient Amulet. This has an action called Talk to Sentient Amulet, which you can perform at any time for free.

As Fracture explains: “Under normal circumstances, the game will only let me apply Reverberation one time per turn with Phalar Aluve’s Shriek aura, but this limit gets reset any time I use an ability, and Sentient Amulet has an ability that doesn’t have a cost”. “All I have to do is walk near an enemy and tag them with my shrieking sword aura, giving them two stacks of Reverberation.”

“Then I can walk out of range and talk to my Sentient Amulet”, they add. “Then I can walk back towards the enemy and give them more stacks of Reverberation.”

Baldur's Gate 3 image of a party exploring the Underdark

Using this method, Fracture’s Tav can deal a huge amount of Thunder damage, simply by walking backwards and forwards. The act doesn’t even break Sanctuary, so the Baldur’s Gate 3 spell can keep you safe while you stroll.

Fracture next picks up the Ring of Absolute Force to boost the build’s Thunder damage and heads to Moonrise Towers, where they rescue Minthara. Having completely ignored the Tiefling refugees earlier, they can recruit her as an ally.

Fracture respecs Minthara as a DnD Barbarian, benefiting from her Soul Branding ability and the Aspect of the Elk class feature. Both increase movement speed.

Fracture grabs the Gloves of Belligerent Skies, which inflict two turns of Reverberation any time the wearer deals Thunder damage. Now the infinite damage build is online. Simply stand on the edge of Minthara’s Aspect of the Elk aura, and walk back and forth.

“Every time I gain the aura, I get five extra movement speed, plus another five movement speed for every Dash I’ve done this turn”, Fracture says. “This allows me to actually gain movement speed each turn rather than lose it.” “In other words, I have infinite movement speed by running in and out of her aura – and since this build converts movement speed into damage, I now have infinite damage.”

Fracture kills the Aspect of Myrkul in a single turn and breezes into Act Three. They lure Gortash away from his defenses to bypass his Thunder immunity, and then they become an Unholy Assassin to get the Bhaalist Armor. This has an aura that can be toggled on and off – Aura of Murder – which will make the build even stronger.

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At this point, Fracture doesn’t even need to walk to deal damage. They stand next to Orin, alternating between triggering the Armor and the Amulet. Endless Thunder damage.

This is by no means a fast way to beat Honor Mode, but it is consistent. No one will be able to take a turn against you. Just wander up to that final boss, and wait for the Thunder to take them out. Bravo, Fracture.

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