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Best Hot Wheels cars

Find the best Hot Wheels cars money can buy, from classic cars to hurl round a loop-de-loop, to hot wheels that change color or have radio control.

Hot wheels car being pushed by a finger above

Finding the best Hot Wheels cars can be tricky, considering that over 20,000 different models have been made – though most are now quite hard to get hold of in 2023. We’ve scoured the catalog to find the fastest, most innovative, most fantastic Hot Wheels cars currently available. Whether you’re buying for a young motorist or for yourself, there should be a hot set of wheels to suit your needs.

From remote-controlled Hot Wheels to cars that change color, manufacturer Mattel has been pushing the boat out in recent years. We’ve sorted our findings in the list below. If you’re on the lookout for some action-packed fun, you might also be keen to peruse the best Nerf guns, and collectible fans might like these great Marvel Funko pops.

A pack of 10 hot wheels cars

1. Hot Wheels 10

Best Hot Wheels cars for new fans

Your first port of call when looking to buy Hot Wheels cars should be the Hot Wheels 10, a pack featuring 10 different Hot Wheels cars. This is one of the best Hot Wheels products money can buy since it’s a cost-effective way to get hold of a load of different cars. Each pack features a wide range of styles, great for kickstarting your collection.

As well as the regular 10-car pack, there are two variants. The HW Race Team 10 features more realistic race cars, including some recognizable licensed vehicles. The HW Hot Trucks 10, meanwhile, has ten bulky pickup and flatbed trucks and also features some real-life vehicles.

Hot wheels RC car shaped like a futuristic Tesla.

2. Hot Wheels RC Cybertruck

Best RC Hot Wheels car

Hot Wheels cars not flying around the track fast enough? Take matters into your own hands with the Hot Wheels RC Cybertruck. Based on the really bizarre, futuristic Tesla Cybertruck that’s set to release in 2023, this RC Hot Wheels car has a boost button that’ll make it fly at 500 (scale) mph. (Since it’s 1/64th the size of a real car, that’s about 8 mph by our calculations.)

Larger RC Hot Wheels cars than the Cybertruck are available, but one thing this metallic motor has going for it is that it’s compatible with all the different tracks and Hot Wheels accessories you can buy. We think that’s quite a selling point.

Hot wheels monster trucks shaped like ferocious animals.

3. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Creature 3-pack

Best Big Hot Wheels cars

If you want hot-wheeled cars that look like they could crush and chew a regular vehicle into a pile of gears and pistons, the Monster Trucks Creature 3-pack is where you should look.

With massive tyres; fearsome toothed designs like the Shark Wreak, Piran-ahh, and Mega Wrex; and colorful decals, this collection of chunky-tyred monstrosities will appeal to your inner five-year-old. (They also appeal to regular five-year-olds).

Hot wheels cars themed around mariokart.

4. Hot Wheels Mario Kart

Best Hot Wheels car for gamers

Letsa go! Even the most hardcore racing game fans have to have some respect for Mario’s name. The red-capped plumber has been hurtling around courses since 1992, and in all that time he hasn’t changed a bit. A wide range of Hot Wheels Mario Kart racers are available in this four-pack of Hot Wheels cars, which work great as toys or collectors’ items for the Nintendo fanatic in your life.

Notably, this is one of the few Hot Wheels products where the drivers are actually included, which can only aid imaginative play. You normally have to imagine the people behind the wheels (a problem Mattel would have to tackle head-on if it was a Hot Wheels movie in the aftermath of Barbie).

Hot wheels cars that change color in water.

5. Hot Wheels Color Reveal

Best customizable Hot Wheels cars

With most Hot Wheels cars, what you see is what you get, but not so for the Hot Wheels Color Reveal set. Admittedly, this Hot Wheels product is centered on a gimmick, but it is a pretty sweet gimmick. The cars come in a monocolored coating, which dissolves in water to reveal the deco underneath.

That wouldn’t be so impressive on its own, but what makes these Hot Wheels cars really cool is that they have two colors, which they switch between when you dunk them in cold or hot water. Ideal for the indecisive racer!

Hot wheels car transporter shaped like a shark.

6. Hot Wheels Shark Chomp Transporter

Best Hot Wheels car transporter

Once you’ve got a sufficiently large Hot Wheels collection, it’s time to find somewhere to put them all. But Hot Wheels cars are far too radical for a regular garage or car park. Instead, they deserve to be transported around in a giant shark-faced vehicle.

The Hot Wheels Shark Chomp Transporter is a wheeled monstrosity that swallows up cars as it runs them over, slurping them up with moving jaws before feeding them, unharmed into the storage compartment at the back. An openable back door lets you easily retrieve your safely stored Hot Wheels cars, and you can even attach it to a track.

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