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Dimension 20 recruits Critical Role’s Matt Mercer as DM

A new season of TTRPG actual play Dimension 20 is coming in May, and Brennan Lee Mulligan will pass his Game Master torch to Critical Role’s Matt Mercer

Matt Mercer as seen in the Dimension 20 season teaser

A new season of Dimension 20 is on the way, and Critical Role’s Matt Mercer is taking a spin in the Game Master’s chair. Dimension 20 tweeted a teaser video on February 27 (watch below), showing Mercer poised at the head of a table, grinning deviously. Mercer’s own tweet from Monday (read it below) confirms his involvement in the season – and has the same gleefully sinister vibe, as Mercer mimics the evil laughter we know all plotting GMs hold inside.

Dimension 20 is an RPG actual play show that’s been running since 2018. It has a rotating cast of players, and long-standing Dungeon Master Brennan Lee Mulligan is usually running the game.

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Although this is Mercer’s first time leading the game, he’s appeared in two previous Dimension 20 seasons: Escape from the Bloodkeep and Pirates of Leviathan. Lee Mulligan has also previously been a guest on Mercer’s actual play show, Critical Role.

We don’t know much else about the new season of Dimension 20 at this stage. While many previous seasons have used the D&D 5e system, there’s currently no confirmation of which tabletop RPG rules will be used. We also don’t know who else we’ll see in the full cast.

Dimension 20 Matt Mercer tweet

What we do know is the new season will be available on the streaming service Dropout sometime in May. A monthly subscription for the service costs $5.99 / £5.33.

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