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Exclusive: New Lorcana Enchanted cards include Battle Piglet

We have a grand total of three Lorcana Enchanted cards from Ursula's Return to reveal, including a new song, a location, and a dreamborn Piglet.

Disney Lorcana Ursulas Return - art showing piglet carrying a wooden sword and colander helmet

The next Disney Lorcana set, Ursula’s Return, is just around the corner now, and Ravensburger has been kind enough to send us three of the new Lorcana Enchanted cards to share with you, so you know what you’re hunting for when it comes time to crack packs on May 17.

The three rare cards we have to reveal are all different Disney Lorcana card types: one Lorcana location, one song, and one character. All three have had their regular card and mechanics spoiled already, but here’s your first look at that oh-so-special Enchanted artwork. We also found out a bit more about the Enchanted card art direction for this set, with commentary from lead art director, Matthew Eng.

Disney Lorcana Enchanted card from Ursulas Return: Ariel's Grotto

The first Enchanted card on our plate is Ariel’s Grotto: A Secret Place, a Sapphire location card that gets stronger when you have lots of thingamabobs and other items around. As well as the shelves laden with junk (sorry, treasures), Eng draws our attention to something more ominous: the “dark inky tendrils on the sides and lower area” of the artwork.

These are intended to show the “spreading entanglement” of Ursula’s influence, particularly strong down under the sea, and Eng says players should watch out for them throughout this Disney Lorcana set.

Next up, we have the Action/Song card Look At This Family. While the original artwork puts the emphasis on the Madrigal house from Encanto, the family Madrigal is centerstage in the stunning Enchanted version, which almost seems to glow with golden light (though there’s still something a bit tendrilly about it, no?). This card lets you pop characters into your hand, and multiple characters can sing it together to cheat its cost.

Disney Lorcana Enchanted card from Ursulas Return: Look at this family

Eng tells us that the Enchanted art style in Ursula’s Return “has a fluid, painterly quality that is meant to express the flow of magic ink and otherworldliness surrounding Ursula’s lair in Lorcana”.

Sure enough, the painterly art style is continued in our next card. Last but not least is Piglet, Sturdy Swordsman, a warrior with a wooden sword and colander helm. Piglet can resist damage, and when you have no cards in hand, they can challenge ready characters. This artwork is a great close-up of the dreamborn hero, who seems like they’ll pop really nicely in contrast to the minimalist background.

Disney Lorcana Enchanted card from Ursulas Return: Piglet, Sturdy Swordsman

Ursula’s tendril effect is once again visible, this time in the lines representing Piglet’s motion. It seems like they might show up in every one of this set’s Enchanted cards – creepy!

Why are Disney Lorcana Enchanted cards so sought after? Well, as well as their awesome artwork, they’re the rarest cards you can find, with a very slim chance of showing up in a box, let alone an individual pack.

Enchanted cards offer exciting new looks for existing characters or locations, and have consistently been among the most expensive Lorcana cards in the entire game.

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