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All 18 Disney Lorcana Enchanted cards from Into the Inklands

Here's the complete list of every single Disney Lorcana Enchanted card in the Into the Inklands set, ranked by how much they spark joy

Disney Lorcana Enchanted card art showing Ursula

Disney Lorcana Enchanted cards are the rarest and most sought after artifacts in the entire Disney trading card game. Identified by their rainbow symbol, Enchanted cards have the same name and rules text as other cards from their set, but they feature unique borderless artwork that makes them valuable masterpieces.

In this guide we’ll take a look at every single Lorcana Enchanted card in the Into the Inklands set, all 18 of them.

Disney Lorcana Enchanted cards are highly rare, and can be extremely valuable, so you’ll want to look out for these cards as you open up Into the Inklands packs. They are the most expensive Lorcana cards around, with some going for thousands on the secondary market.

If you want to understand how they compare to other Lorcana card types, check out our guide to Disney Lorcana rarity symbols.

At this stage it’s hard to know how these Enchanted Lorcana cards will weigh up in terms of value, but we’ve tried to organize them in a rough ranking based on how popular we think each will be. Expect the excitement levels to rise as we near the finish line.

  • 18. Belle’s House, Maurice’s Workshop
  • 17. Kuzco’s Palace, Home of the Emperor
  • 16. The Sorcerer’s Hat
  • 15. Peter Pan, Pirate’s Bane
  • 14. Pride Lands, Pride Rock
  • 13. Captain Hook, Master Swordsman
  • 12. RLS Legacy, Solar Galleon
  • 11. Scrooge McDuck, Richest Duck in the World
  • 10. Gramma Tala, Spirit of the Ocean
  • 9. Mickey Mouse, Trumpeter
  • 8. Robin Hood, Champion of Sherwood
  • 7. Chernabog, Evildoer
  • 6. And Then Along Came Zeus
  • 5. Morph, Space Goo
  • 4. Maleficent, Mistress of all Evil
  • 3. Jafar, Striking Illusionist
  • 2. Kida, Protector of Atlantis
  • 1. Ursula, Deceiver of All

18. Belle’s House, Maurice’s Workshop

Into the Inklands ushered in a new card type to this TCG, the Lorcana location card. To ensure they did their new card type justice, Ravensburger has made a couple of Enchanted location cards, like this one: Belle’s House, Maurice’s Workshop.

A cheap Sapphire location that seems solid in item decks, Belle’s House makes all your items cheaper. We wonder if fans won’t be a little disappointed if the Enchanted card they open isn’t a character, however.

17. Kuzco’s Palace, Home of the Emperor

Kuzco’s Palace is another Enchanted location card, featuring the Incan pyramid palace from the Emperor’s New Groove. While it costs an expensive three ink to move to this location, it does feature a powerful protection ability. If an opponent banishes a character you’ve brought to the palace, their character gets banished in turn.

Interestingly, this is the first example of an Enchanted version of an Uncommon card. Previous Lorcana cards to get the Enchanted treatment have been Rare or above.

16. The Sorcerer’s Hat

Whereas Enchanted cards from the first two Lorcana sets were always characters, Into the Inklands has opened the floodgates to alternate card types – a choice we think will be quite controversial with the fanbase.

Either way, The Sorcerer’s Hat looks great here, glowing with energy in a dank, purple cave. The card’s an interesting one. It’s useless in the wrong deck, but if you can manipulate your top card, it’s a super efficient means of drawing cards.

15. Peter Pan, Pirate’s Bane

The first Into the Inklands Enchanted card to be shown off, Peter Pan, Pirate’s Bane is a Shift card which is an evasive character that takes no damage from pirates. If ever a pirate deck becomes one of the best Lorcana decks, this card is going to be instrumental in picking it apart.

You’ve probably noticed a pattern in these artworks by now. Compared to Enchanted cards from previous Lorcana sets, most of Into the Inklands’ Enchanted cards have a painterly style that gives them an impressionistic or almost ethereal look. This seems to have been quite divisive: some fans love it, while others prefer the Enchanted art with linework found in previous sets.

14. Pride Lands, Pride Rock

Though it seems a shame not to incorporate an image from The Circle of Life when showing Pride Rock, this Enchanted version of Pride Lands at night looks fantastic. The location itself works well with King or Prince characters, lowering the cost of your other characters by one when you have a royal on the rock. Your characters also get two willpower while at this location.

13. Captain Hook, Master Swordsman

The counterpart and enemy of the Peter Pan card we just looked at, Captain Hook, Master Swordsman seems far less narrow than Peter. Whenever he banishes another character in a challenge you can ready him and challenge again.

Since he can’t quest for lore, this does seem mostly like a slightly worse Beast, Relentless, but there may be some clever tricks you can pull by giving Hook Resist. And obviously, the card makes Peter Pans easier to catch.

The artwork on this Enchanted card almost (but frustrating not quite) lines up with the Peter Pan card too, forming a collage.

12. RLS Legacy, Solar Galleon

We’ve made it through all of the location Enchanted cards with RLS Legacy. This is an interesting card. It’s not great on its own, but with the right support from other Treasure Planet characters, it can pull its weight, protecting your valuable characters and generating quite a lot of lore.

Jim Hawkins can cheat the galleon into play, while John Silver gets tons of value from locations. The regular version of this card’s artwork has more going on, but there’s something to be said for the peaceful, picturesque pink of this version.

11. Scrooge McDuck, Richest Duck in the World

This Enchanted Lorcana card looks just like an old portrait of Scrooge McDuck that might be hanging on a wall in his mansion. While we love the art, we’re not so sure about the strength of the card itself.

He might be able to help you cheat out some powerful items, but the subpar statline hurts, as does the fact he’s not inkable. Most likely this card will get better and better, as new items show up.

The regular version of this card is easily obtainable in the Into the Inklands starter decks, but we’d be more than happy to hang this Enchanted card up in our gallery.

10. Gramma Tala, Spirit of the Ocean

One thing we’re noticing with all these painterly style cards, is that they work really well when showing flowing, amorphous shapes like clouds and magic. That’s why this Gramma Tala Enchanted Lorcana card shines so bright, and we reckon the foiling will really make her pop.

A powerful statline and amazing effect make this card a force to be reckoned with too. Using the shift ability to get her out quickly, combined with other cards that put stuff in your inkwell, you’ll be able to accrue lore at a rate your opponent will find hard to match.

9. Mickey Mouse, Trumpeter

We love the muted colors on this Micky Mouse, Trumpeter Enchanted card, which looks really nice overall. Fans soon spotted that this card is Lorcana’s version of the Magic: The Gathering card Elvish Piper, but it remains to be seen what decks can find a spot for it.

We’ve bumped this card up a place or two on the list for featuring Mickey Mouse. That’s the power of celebrity for ya!

8. Robin Hood, Champion of Sherwood

Robin Hood looks mighty in this Enchanted Lorcana card, where he seems to have picked up a sword instead of a bow. Able to come out on turn three with his Shift ability, this Steel card is crazy good at combat.

First of all, he gains lore whenever he banishes an opponent’s character in a challenge. And then, when he’s battered and worn down, he draws you a card on the way out, replacing himself. Truly a fox to be thankful for!

7. Chernabog, Evildoer

It’s hard not to be jazzed about a 10-cost villain that portrays Disney’s version of the devil. A beast of a card, Chernabog, Evildoer gets cheaper for each character card in your discard pile, so it’s easy to start pondering up ways to get him out nice and early and start punishing your opponent.

We do find the Enchanted artwork here a little lackluster though. Chernabog looks very static, and sort of sulky, whereas the regular version is more animated and monstrous.

6. And Then Along Came Zeus

Oh lawd (Zeus) he comin’. This Enchanted Lorcana card is nice and simple. It deals a thunderbolt’s worth a damage to an enemy character or location, most likely banishing it. It’s comparable to Ruby’s Dragon Fire from the base set, but the ability to be sung is a huge boon.

Now here’s an Enchanted card that is truly elevated by the artwork. We quite like the original piece for And Then Along Came Zeus, which features the muses, but this Enchanted version is truly badass, and we wouldn’t be shocked if that simple fact boosts its price.

5. Morph, Space Goo

Despite featuring a relatively unknown character, Morph, Space Goo is a card that Lorcana fans are pretty excited about, and it’s not hard to see why. Being able to Morph any character with a shift ability on top of Morph is fantastic, and players are bound to be clamoring for copies.

The card is absolutely lovely to look at too. The character’s blobbiness seems well-suited to this painterly style, and the clouds above are gorgeous and fluffy.

4. Maleficent, Mistress of all Evil

What a name! Who wouldn’t want this badass-looking version of Maleficent, who looks positively regal as she pulls off some evil green magics? This Enchanted card is bound to be in hot demand, as this is a fan-favorite character (everyone loves a villain) and the art certainly does her justice.

The card itself is pretty cool too, providing loads of value by letting you draw cards and move damage around. Your chief concern when it comes to Maleficent, however, is going to be protecting her. After all, for five ink, her statline is pitiful.

3. Jafar, Striking Illusionist

This Jafar card raised eyebrows during spoiler season, for the devastating combo with Aladdin’s A Whole New World. It’s definitely one of the Into the Inklands cards that deserved an Enchanted treatment, and Ravensburger did not disappoint.

The snake’s are obviously cool, and we really enjoy the smarmy grin on Jafar’s face. The background looks a little faded here, but we think it’ll look better in foil.

2. Kida, Protector of Atlantis

This Kida card shows the new Lorcana Enchanted card art style at its best, in our view. It truly looks like a work of art, and is bound to have pride of place in any binder. The card’s pretty darn strong too, protecting your whole board of characters by reducing everyone’s strength for one whole turn cycle.

1. Ursula, Deceiver of All

Wow, talk about a villain that really has it all. Ursula, Deceiver of All boasts incredible artwork that’s instantly recognizable as a unique form of one of Disney’s very best villains, as well as a flashy effect that doubles the power of song cards. We’ll be surprised if Ursula, Deceiver of all is not among the most expensive Lorcana Enchanted cards in this entire set.

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