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Lorcana reveals first Enchanted Rare card from Into the Inklands

It’s off to Neverland with a new Lorcana spoiler, as Peter Pan stars in the first Enchanted Rare from Disney Lorcana set, Into the Inklands.

Thanks to an IGN Germany post from February 12, we’ve seen a Disney Lorcana spoiler for the first Enchanted Rare from Into the Inklands. Peter Pan, Pirate’s Bane – a new card from the upcoming Disney Lorcana set – gets a painterly makeover in this Enchanted Rare. Anyone lucky enough to pull this particular card will be treated to a pastel style and the Enchanted Rare’s signature foil treatment.

For anyone new to the game, an Enchanted Rare is the cherry on top of the Disney Lorcana rarity sundae. Publisher Ravensburger hasn’t confirmed the pull rates on these fancy foil cards, but estimates currently range between 1 in 72 and 1 in 100 packs. As well as alternative art and a foil finish, you can recognize an Enchanted Rare by its rainbow rarity symbol.

Disney Lorcana spoiler image from IGN Germany of Enchanted Rare Peter Pan, Pirate's Bane

Peter Pan, Pirate’s Bane is a Ruby Lorcana card that costs six ink to play (it’s also inkable). This Flooborn Hero has Shift 4 and the Evasive Keyword, so only other Evasive characters can challenge it.

Plus, it’s got the ‘You’re Next!’ ability, which means Peter takes no damage whenever he challenges a Pirate character. When Peter isn’t standing strong with four Strength and five Willpower, the card can quest for two lore. Pirate’s Bane might not be the best Disney Lorcana card we’ve ever seen, but the Enchanted Rare version is still an eye-catching find for any fan.

Into the Inklands first hits local game stores on February 23, with its retail Disney Lorcana release date following on March 8. We’ve already seen exactly what’s in the Into the Inklands starter decks, and other spoilers include a Mickey Mouse who can play any character for free.

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