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New Jafar Lorcana card unlocks a devastating combo

The latest Disney Lorcana card from Into the Inklands looks extremely powerful - it's a version of Jafar that can gain a load of lore.

Jafar, Striking Illusionist is one of the latest Legendary cards revealed for upcoming Disney Lorcana set Into the Inklands. There’s already a lot of buzz surrounding this new Lorcana card for the Aladdin antagonist, since it allows for a terrifying combo which enables its user to gain seven lore all at once.

Revealed by IGN on February 13, 2024, Jafar, Striking Illusionist is a Floodborn card that reimagines the vizier as a sorcerer controlling scary snake monsters. It’s a Shift card from the upcoming Disney Lorcana set, which means you’ll have to play this on top of another Jafar to get it on the field.

Once you do, you’ll need to exert Jafar, Striking Illusionist to make the most of his ability. But what an ability it is. While Jafar is exerted, on your turn, you gain one lore each time you draw a card. Pair this guy with lots of card draw, and he provides a path to victory all by himself. The evasive ability is just the cherry on top, keeping Jafar safe from most challenges.

Fittingly, it’s an Aladdin-themed card that’s currently scariest with Jafar. The Lorcana card A Whole New World from the First Chapter causes both players to discard their hands and draw seven new cards. If you use Jafar to sing this song (funny!) you can play it for free and gain seven lore out of the deal.

As well as a scary combo in some sort of controlling Lorcana deck, Jafar, Striking Illusionist is notable, because it makes Jafar the first character to receive two Floodborn variants. The Aladdin baddy was already reimagined as a giant snake in Jafar, Dreadnought. We always assumed Lorcana wouldn’t shy away from making multiple versions of each character, but it’s nice to have it confirmed.

Lorcana card - a whole new world

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