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Play Disney Lorcana against AI in free fanmade browser game

If you play the Lorcana TCG but don’t have time to get to the game store, or just want to test a deck against a robot, Inktable can help.

Lorcana card art - Zeus, God of Lightning, a huge muscular man with white hair and beard holding lightning

If you can’t get enough of Disney Lorcana there’s a new option for you to get games in when you don’t have a human opponent at hand. Inktable is a free, unofficial app that lets you play Lorcana in your web browser against an AI bot.

It’s already possible to play Disney Lorcana online thanks to the excellent Pixelborn app. However, that only lets you play the trading card game against a real live human opponent, and sometimes that’s not what you want. Plus, Pixelborn needs to be downloaded and installed; provided you have a web browser, you can get started playing Lorcana in Inktable in a few clicks.

Lorcana Inktable screenshot - a tool for playing Lorcana against AI in a web browser

If you want to jump straight in, all the current Lorcana starter decks are available for you to play with or against. You can also build custom decks using cards from the first three Lorcana sets, as a quick and easy way to test out a deck you’re thinking of buying in paper. Click here to visit Inktable.

In a reddit post about the app, creator Yayaba says “the AI so far is a pretty simple one that just tries to play its best move based on calculating all of its available moves and picking the best one”. They say they hope to improve it with time “so that it can at least provide a medium level of difficulty”.

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Even with a very minimal challenge from the AI as it currently stands, it’s a great tool to make sure you’re confident with the Lorcana rules, or just to get a few reps in with a new deck to get a feel for the draws and plays it generates. No risk of damaging your Pixelborn ranked standing, either.

More enthusiasm for Lorcana is great to see. Check out our Lorcana release dates guide to know when to expect the next set, and make sure you’re familiar with all the Disney Lorcana promos – they’re becoming increasingly expensive Lorcana cards!