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Card from unreleased Disney Lorcana game sells for $4000

A Mickey Mouse card from the Disney Lorcana TCG, has sold at auction for $4000, despite its strength, and the game's rules, not being known

Disney Lorcana Mickey Mouse in Brave little tailor costume

Mickey Mouse is proving the value of the Disney brand, with cards from the unreleased trading card game Lorcana featuring the renowned rodent selling for thousands of dollars at auction.

The price for the Disney Lorcana card Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor seems to keep going up and up this week. One sold on eBay for $999 on Wednesday, and another went for $1250 on Thursday. Then today saw the biggest sale so far, with someone purchasing a PSA 10 Mint copy of the card for $4000!

This Mickey Mouse promo card was given away for free by the Lorcana booth at D23 Expo, a Disney fan event held in September last year. It’s interesting to see the card going for so much money now, when we have literally no idea how it’ll play – the rules for the Lorcana TCG have not been announced yet.

Disney Lorcana Mickey Mouse in Brave little tailor costume - card graded in mint condition

Comparing this to other TCGs with valuable cards, Lorcana seems to be following a pattern that’s closer to Pokemon than Magic: The Gathering. Usually, the most expensive Magic cards are not just rare, but also really powerful, whereas when it comes to expensive Pokemon cards, rarity rules the roost, and power is less of a factor.

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