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Full Disney Lorcana tournament slate and prizes shared at last

Ravensburger has unveiled the key Lorcana tournament details, including the structure of the competition, and all the prizes on offer.

Disney Lorcana art showing Cindarella with a sword and shield

Disney Lorcana has revealed all the important details about the upcoming Lorcana tournament circuit, Lorcana Challenge. A new page appeared on the game’s official website on May 16, showing off exactly how the competitive circuit will work – with everything from dates and locations, to the structure of the tournament itself, to the game’s tasty, tasty prizes.

Starting with the rewards, the top prize is a full foil version of the latest Disney Lorcana set, including Enchanted cards, historically some of the most expensive Lorcana cards ever printed. The Top 8 players will get a Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor Lorcana promo card, while making it to the top 64 nabs you a special extended art version of Cinderella, Stouthearted.

Disney Lorcana prize list

Note that prizes are cumulative – you get everything from the tiers below.

You don’t even have to know how to play Lorcana to come away with something however. Even if you turned up with a Disney Lorcana starter deck, you’d still walk away with the participation prize, a funky extended art version of Dragon Fire.

Disney LOrcana Dragonfire extended card

If you’re wondering what those tickets might get you, Atlanta’s revealed what’s on its prize wall. We’ve got funky hats, exclusive alternate artwork, and of course plenty of sealed product.

Disney Lorcana Atlanta Prize wall

Disney Lorcana Challenges will take place across two days. On Day 1, everyone plays nine rounds, Swiss style, and you’ll play two games against each opponent.

A Swiss style tournament means you get three points for a win (i.e. winning both games), one point if you each take a game, and zero points if you lose both games. It’s ideal for longer tournaments with multiple rounds, like this one.

At the end of those nine rounds, the top 64 players qualify for Day 2. At this point, the tournament switches to best of three matches, and single elimination, so if you lose a round, you’re out.

The first tournaments will take place on May 25, kicking off in Atlanta, Georgia in the US and Lille, France in Europe. For any UK readers, your chance to play will be September 21-22, in Birmingham.

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