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DnD rings in 50th anniversary with $120 Hawaiian shirts

Dungeons and Dragons has announced a rather pricey DnD-themed Hawaiian shirt, decorated with art that shows a party defeating monsters.

DnD themed Hawaiian shirts grey and red

As part of Dungeons and Dragons’ 50th Anniversary celebration, Wizards of the Coast has partnered with Honolulu-based clothing brand Reyn Spooner to produce a DnD-themed Hawaiian shirt. If you want to fly your fandom flag in very expensive style, you can now get one of these shirts, in either red or grey, for the grand sum of $120.

The DnD Hawaiian shirt is available only in the US, and comes in an option of three different shirt styles and two colors. It uses the brand’s signature Spooner Kloth fabric, and is decorated with prints featuring various scenes you might encounter in a Dungeons and Dragons game.

DnD themed Hawaiian shirts

Various iconic DnD monsters, like dragons and beholders, bugbears and owlbears dot the shirt, whilst one part of the pattern includes a party in a tavern, and another has a 5e Mimic and gelatinous cube defending a treasure horde.

According to the Reyn Spooner website, the company’s artists “created a detailed landscape filled with fantastical monsters, players, and locations” and then turned it into a shirt. The description also states that each of the six images is themed around a different one of the DnD stats or ability scores: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma.

DnD themed Hawaiian shirts sketches

We’re having trouble mapping these onto the images though. Is identifying a Mimic an astute use of intelligence? Does fighting a dragon represent strength, wheras battling a horde of humanoids is more of a constitution thing? We don’t really see it.

After Magic: The Gathering’s 30th anniversary brought us bean bags, $55 socks, and $1000 proxies, we’re no longer putting that much stock in anniversary merch. The shirt has a very cool design at least, though we’re not sure how many tabletop RPG players are in the market for a $120 novelty shirt.

Dungeons and Dragon’s 50th Anniversary has had a slow start, but at least we have the full DnD release schedule to look forward to, with plenty of upcoming DnD books on our radar.