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DnD marks 50th anniversary with nerdy postage stamps

Stamps will mark Dungeons and Dragon's 50th anniversary - issued by the United States Postal Service, they feature art from across the game's history.

MTG envelope emoji with DnD stamps around it

The United States Postal Service has revealed a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons stamps that are being issued for the DnD 50th Anniversary. The stamps, which will be available in 2024, include designs showing all sorts of famous DnD characters, monsters, and even gods.

There are ten DnD stamps in total, put together by USPS art director Greg Breeding. Fans are likely to recognise much of the art from DnD books both old and new, like the 1983 Players’ Manual and the 2014 Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Other pieces are harder to place – the one with the DnD dragon god Tiamat comes from a Magic: The Gathering card, for instance. The stamps will be available from the USPS’s online shop, and presumably its Amazon store as well.

DnD 50th anniversary stamps

The exact release date and prices of these stamps is not known, beyond the fact they’ll be available some time next year. But we’re always happy to see nerdy stamps we can decorate our mail with. Earlier this year we were very much taken with these Warhammer stamps from here in the UK, for instance.

We’re expecting plenty more celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons in the coming year, and we’ve already had a look at the rather packed DnD release schedule for 2024. For starters, we’re expecting to see the new version of the Player’s Handbook in May 2024. This brings all kinds of changes, like revitalized martial classes and fixes for the game’s worst spells.

There’s also a DnD history book named ‘The Making of Original Dungeons and Dragons: 1970-1976’ coming out, all about the roleplaying game’s origin story.

As well as all this, there’s plenty of hints that the next slate of DnD releases will have a particular focus on high level play – with DnD monsters and encounters at challenge rating 20 or higher.