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DnD Young Adventurer’s Collection 30% off for Black Friday

The Dungeons and Dragons Young Adventurer's Collection of four books is currently available at a 30% discount as part of Amazon's Black Friday sale

DnD Younger Adventurer's Collection artwork showing an owl-like beast. It is currently on sale for Black Friday.

Want to finally dip your toe into the world of DnD? Know a young gamer who you want to introduce to the Forgotten Realms? Well then you’ll be happy to hear that the DnD Young Adventurer’s Collection is 30% off as part of the Black Friday festivities, meaning that you’ll get all four books in that collection for $23.06 USD, or just $5.77 each. In the UK it’s £18.55 GBP, with a slightly smaller 26% discount.

It’s a beautiful set of books which give a rundown of a few of the main features of the DnD universe. The books are: Monsters & Creatures, Warriors & Weapons, Dungeons & Tombs, and Wizards & Spells. If someone were to read through all of these things, they’d go from saying “Dungeons & Dragons is about wizards or something, right?” to being well-versed enough to introduce new players to the game.

From DnD stats to DnD races, the books serve as a comprehensive introduction to the lore and rules of history’s most popular tabletop RPG. Whether you want to add this to your own growing collection after a few casual sessions, or you think it would make a brilliant Christmas present for a fan in your life, it makes sense to buy while this offer is in place.

Here’s a quick overview of each of the four DnD books:

  • Monsters & Creatures: a beautiful bestiary that’ll fill you in on all of the fantastical DnD monsters that inhabit The Forgotten Realms.
  • Warriors & Weapons: not sure which DnD weapons to equip your character with? You will be after you read this.
  • Dungeons & Tombs: a beginners guide to making your way through the various dungeons of the DnD setting.
  • Wizards & Spells: you guessed it, this’ll be your introduction to the magic system behind DnD – and some of the best 5e spells

Don’t forget to help yourself to an Amazon Prime free trial so that you can take advantage of the retailer’s next-day delivery without the extra costs. If you want more bargains, have a peep at our guide on the best Black Friday board game deals – we hope you’ll find something to get your heart racing.