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New third-party DnD books let you play as literal dragons

Dragonborns are so last edition – why not play as an actual D&D dragon instead? With these new 5e books from Roll For Combat, you can.

DnD books Battlezoo Dragons - Roll For Combat art of a dragon making soup

Tabletop publisher Roll For Combat is crowdfunding a new collection of DnD books that feature playable dragon characters. ‘Battlezoo Secret Dragons’ hit Kickstarter on April 2, and these four books are stuffed with stat blocks and character options based on the most famous scaly beasts in the fantasy genre.

20 new DnD races are spread across the four 5e books, and each tome splits the ancestries by theme. ‘Battlezoo Dragons: Fairy Dragons’ features creatures with ties to the Fey, while ‘Battlezoo Dragons: Leshy Dragons’ is filled with drakes who draw power from nature. ‘Battle Dragons’ introduces weapon-loving wyrms that take command in combat, while ‘Misfit Dragons’ have origins tied to magical mishaps.

As well as 5e character build options, the Battlezoo Dragons book series includes over 80 DnD monster stat blocks, ready-made for dragon-themed combat sessions. This includes a number of named Great Wyrms, who we expect pack more of a punch with their breath weapons.

Battlezoo Dragons DnD books by Roll For Combat

According to the Kickstarter page, these books expand on a previous tabletop RPG title from Roll For Combat, Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons. However, the publisher makes it clear that you don’t need the old book to enjoy the new ones. Additionally, these titles count as Pathfinder books, too, as they’re compatible with D&D and Pathfinder 2e.

Backers can make a pledge towards this book series up until May 2. A PDF for just one book costs $25 (£20), and a hardcover edition will set you back $39 (£31). Also available for $39 is a single PDF and an accompanying module for the Foundry virtual tabletop. Limited edition hardcovers with unique art are on sale for $59 (£47), as are bundles that give you access to the hardcover, PDF, and VTT module for one book.

A range of pledge options let you buy all four books in various formats. And, most expensive of all, there’s a $599 (£474) pledge that lets you design your own dragon as well as purchase all four books and their VTT modules.

For more off-the-wall character options, check out this other Battlezoo book that lets you play a sentient dungeon. Or, for your bog-standard builds, here’s all you need to know about DnD classes and 5e feats. And don’t forget to follow Wargamer on Google News for more Dungeons and Dragons updates.