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Fan homebrews DnD classes inspired by Final Fantasy 14 jobs

In this week’s crossover episode, one Dungeons and Dragons fan has created five DnD homebrew classes based on the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14.

DnD classes - an armoured character from Final Fantasy 14

Redditor CregALeg has combined two of their passions through the power of DnD homebrew, creating a range of new Final Fantasy 14 DnD classes inspired by jobs from the MMORPG. Since April 2022, they’ve been sharing their creations online and looking for feedback. We’ve currently got five homebrew DnD classes to explore – the Machinist, the Sage, the Samurai, the Gunbreaker, and the Summoner.

First came the Machinist, a class that looks like it has a lot in common with the DnD Artificer. They’re all about inventing and using the latest technology – though with a preference for ranged combat. CregALeg’s homebrew features five subclasses and several ‘gadgets’.

The Sage is a versatile class whose five varied subclasses echo the DnD Cleric. Along with subclasses, the homebrew covers 5e spells and spell lists for the Sage – with CregALeg creating some brand-new spells of their own.

DnD classes Final Fantasy 14 Samurai art

CregALeg’s third homebrew class is the Samurai. It’s one of the martial FFXIV classes that doesn’t mirror any one existing D&D class too closely – there’s a little DnD Monk in there, crossed with some Fighter 5e, for example. Samurai channel energy into their DnD weapons to deal devastating blows. Each of the subclasses focuses on a different mastery – the blade, the wind, the spirit, the mind, and blood.

If you want an alternative to the DnD Barbarian, CregALeg’s Gunbreaker class has volunteered for Tank duty. The class revolves around the Gunbreaker’s signature weapon, the powerful-yet-unwieldy Gunblade. Each of the three subclasses focuses on the contingent where your Gunbreaker learned their unique military skills.

CregALeg’s most recent homebrew is the Summoner class, shared on June 4. They compare their creation to the DnD Wizard as both are squishy spellcasters. Summoners conjure elemental constructs in combat to do their bidding, so they’re all about spells and summons. There are three subclasses which represent different arcanum a Summoner can specialize in.

DnD classes - Final Fantasy 14 party

Each of CregALeg’s homebrews is at different stages of playtesting. Several of the older documents have tweaked versions, so we’ll probably see further upgrades to the current party. You can find each of the classes on CregALeg’s Reddit.

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