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DnD homebrew lets you channel the horrible goose hidden within

According to a Dungeons and Dragons homebrew known as the Honkonomicon, “the time of humanoids is over; the age of geese has arrived”.

DnD Honkonomicon goose from homebrew cover

One third-party Dungeons and Dragons writer has celebrated the Easter weekend with an 80-page goose-themed DnD homebrew. While many of us associate Easter with adorable animals commonly seen in springtime, we highly suspect that ‘The Honkonomicon’ is more about the godless, chaotic, Untitled Goose Game kind of fowl. Creator Vall Syrene first shared word of the supplement via Twitter on April 5.

Syrene is an Ennie-nominated writer for tabletop RPGs who has published a range of third-party DnD material on DMsGuild. They’ve partnered with Pailo Davolio, Sandro degl’Innocenti, and Alberto Ferrari to bring the Honkonomicon to life. While we’re not sure why these creators love geese so much, we do know this isn’t their first feathered D&D escapade. Syrene’s publication history also includes Circle of the Honk, a homebrew subclass for the DnD Druid.

Tweet from Vall Syrene about the DnD Honkonomicon

The rest of the DnD classes seem to be getting the goose treatment in the Honkonomicon. According to its DMsGuild page, the homebrew includes “11 new goosish subclasses”, as well as a “goostiarium” of 28 DnD monsters. There are also plenty of 5e spells, DnD magic items, and adventure hooks. Plus, the supplement promises “dozens of horrifying funs with the words ‘honk’, ‘goose’, and more”. We dread to think what “more” could mean – gander at your own risk.

The Honkonomicon is available to buy on DMsGuild for $9.95. Syrene has also created a bundle where you can grab the Circle of the Honk supplement too for a discount.

Don’t be alarmed if you start seeing a lot more geese in DnD character builds or on DnD character sheets. You can always take refuge in our goose-free guides to DnD races and DnD backgrounds.