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New Vecna adventure minis include famous DnD demon lord

Miska the Wolf-Spider is a party-killing demon lord of the Abyss, and his new DnD miniature by WizKids is suitably huge and hardcore.

DnD Demon Lord Miska the Wolf Spider miniature - a monster with a humanoid torso and horned head sprouting from a midriff alongside two ginning wolf-heads, growing from a bulbous body with eight spiderlike legs and a draconic tail

Miniature maker WizKids has revealed another miniature tie-in for the upcoming DnD adventure Vecna: Eve of Ruin, and this one is a doozy. Miska the Wolf-Spider is a behemoth, a true monster of the Abyss who was once the Prince of all DnD demons – until the forces of Law imprisoned him in a fortress in the depths of Pandaemonium.

As a Tanar’ri DnD demon Miska isn’t really bound by any rules of logical appearance, which is why his lower half is a spider with a dragon’s tail, and his upper part has a humanoid torso controlling two giant wolf heads on chains. Absolutely metal.

His new DnD miniature will be available for $49.99. The figure is pre-painted and on a 75mm base, telling us he’ll be DnD size Huge – only right and proper for a monarch of hell.

DnD demon-like dragon spider, a dragon head with eight eyes on a long neck supported by eight arachnid legs

The adventure book Vecna: Eve of Ruin will arrive in May according to the DnD release schedule, and WizKids has a whole range of minis to accompany it.

Two more individually boxed monsters have been revealed, a huge Spiderdragon and a Bone Roc that looks like a crow skeleton. Blind-purchase booster boxes will contain a variety of miniatures, including the big bad Vecna himself, and plenty more hellish DnD monsters.

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Miska first appeared in the second edition DnD adventure The Rod of Seven Parts, a quest which saw the players seeking out the eponymous magical artifact. The rod was created early in the DnD cosmos, and it had the power either to slay, or free, Miska from his imprisonment. The fact that Miska is getting a miniature to accompany an upcoming DnD book suggests that things are about to get freaky in the DnD multiverse…

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