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This DnD dice maker created a giant, glow in the dark d20

Dnd dice maker Wild Earth Dice has created an enormous, pink, cyberpunk d20 that glows in the dark and is fifteen times larger than normal D&D dice

Dnd Giant Dice. A giant pink Dnd dice D20 balanced on someone's palm.

Boom. Boom. BOOM! Your DnD party members flinch. Is it the thundering footsteps of an owlbear, a dragon, or some other despicable D&D monster? Nope, it’s just Steve fiddling with his dice. That’s the future that seems foreshadowed by this creation from Wild Earth Dice, a whopping d20, roughly fifteen times bigger than the ones you’ll regularly use in your tabletop RPG sessions. The best part? It glows in the dark.

Wild Earth Dice is a dice making company founded by Reddit user Voidoftheether in 2018. Over the years, it’s produced a large array of colourful, themed D&D dice, using resin casting. For their cyberpunk collection, however, the founder wanted to make something a bit different. A question soon formed: “How ridiculously big can I go?”

Quite big, as it turns out. The resulting pink, pearlescent “mega chonk” d20, inspired by cyberpunk and the colours of the galaxy, easily dwarfs a regular die. Creating it was apparently quite the feat. The process involved experimenting with a lot of resin and materials. There were “many failed tests and what feels like hundreds of hours of polishing.”

“The biggest challenge to create something this big, was hoping that everything would stay intact and not collapse,” Voidoftheether tells Wargamer. “With such a big d20, it was a challenge making sure the faces didnt crack while sanding and polishing.”

Dnd dice giant: A pink D20 on someone's hand, with a regular sized dice balanced on top of it.

Voidoftheether admits that the dice may not be the most practical addition to your gaming table. “This isn’t something you would play with, and is more for show than anything,” the say.

“I wanted to create something you could proudly display, and people would ask: what is that?”

It’s not just a giant pink d20, we’re told; it also glows in the dark. Wild Earth Dice’s founder says they’re really happy with how this turned out, but they’re waiting till the rest of the cyberpunk dice are ready to show off the effect.

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