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DnD Disintegrate 5e spell guide

Disintegrate 5e is one of those DnD spells that can make a problem go away quick - here's how to cast Disintegrate, and precisely what it does

DnD disintegrate 5e - a lich firing lightning bolts at a person,

Got a bad guy that won’t stay down – some freaky lich who keeps coming back time and time again? Want to dish out some real, lasting punishment? You need disintegrate 5e, the DnD spell that blasts enemies to dust. Not only is Disintegrate 5e one of the most powerful single-target damage spells in all of Dungeons and Dragons, it can also be used for many different things, from knocking through force walls to destroying items or ‘hiding’ evidence.

Easily ranking among the best spells in a Sorcerer or Wizard’s arsenal, Disintegrate 5e can turn even the most troublesome of foes into a pile of ashes and a small heap of magic items. Here’s how it works.

DnD disintegrate 5e - a witch with paper swirling round them

Disintegrate 5e features

Level 6th
Damage 10d6 + 40 (Force)
Casting Time 1 Action
Range 60 feet
Attack/Save Dexterity Save
Damage Type Force
School Transmutation

When used against a creature, Disintegrate 5e deals a whopping 10d6 + 40 damage. That’s force damage too, which as we covered in our Eldritch Blast guide, is the least resisted damage type.

The damage for Disintegrate 5e scales. It’s a 6th level spell, and for every spell slot level above 6th you use for it, the damage increases by 3d6.

If Disintegrate reduces a creature’s HP to zero they, and everything nonmagical they are carrying, are reduced to a pile of dust and can only be brought back with some of the mightiest spells in the game: Wish or True Resurrection.

Disintegrate 5e isn’t just useful in combat, it can also wipe out non-magical items and knock through magical constructs, such as a Wall of Force. An item that is Large or below is reduced to dust immediately, bigger items than this have a 10-foot cubed hole blown out of them. The spell just bounces off anything that’s magical, however.

DnD disintegrate 5e - towers with white light shining through it.

How to cast Disintegrate 5e

In DnD 5e, Disintegrate can be cast by Sorcerers or Wizards. You’ll need verbal, somatic, and material components to cast the spell, so magic words, hand twirling, and ingredients are needed.

If for some reason you’re not using an arcane focus or component pouch, you’ll need a lodestone and a pinch of dust to provide the material components for the spell.