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Fan builds modular DnD dungeon from Lego bricks

A fan has constructed a set of modular DnD terrain out of Lego, to construct their own brick-based mega dungeons in customizable fashion.

DnD dungeon made out of lego

DnD fan Maxime Lemort has created an awesome batch of modular DnD terrain out of Lego bricks. The terrain, which ranges from taverns and gardens to corridors and rooms, can be used to construct DnD dungeons for 5e play at the table.

Lemort says they were inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons Lego set Red Dragon’s Tale, and the original Lego Ideas competition it came out of. A YouTuber, Kazu, had created modular DnD terrain out of Lego for the competition and, even though they didn’t own any Lego at the time, Lemort wanted to create their own version.

DnD dungeon made out of lego

The builder used design software Studio to envision their build, then ordered precisely the individual blocks and pieces they needed from Bricklink. In order to create a representation of a 5×5 square which could fit with any feature, from portals to doorways, the system needed a lot of tweaking. But they’re proud of the finished design. “I like the shape of each square and the feeling when you plug it together building the dungeon,” they say.

Lemort is yet to test their DnD dungeon kit while DMing a real session, but suggests it’s only a matter of time. “I just finished the build and I can’t wait to test it in a game,” they say. “I will probably run The Dungeon of the Mad Mage (a mega dungeon DnD campaign) with my players and this could fit the needs.”

DnD dungeon made out of lego

We’ve seen lots of players make use of the flexibility and customizability of Lego bricks to enhance their gaming recently. Some fans are opting to use Lego minifigures as an alternative to DnD miniatures, while one gamer even created their own Warhammer-style miniature wargame out of Lego.

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