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5 DnD Lego sets we’d like to see for the 50th anniversary

With Lego dropping fresh teasers about its upcoming Dungeons and Dragons collab, we dream up some other D&D Lego sets we’d like to see.

DnD Lego Ideas set of a dragon attacking a city

We’ve known for some time now that an official DnD Lego set was on the way. This fan design gives us a brick-based dragon and fantasy town to celebrate the game’s 50th anniversary – but a recent teaser implies Lego might have more in store for Dungeons and Dragons fans. We know next to nothing right now, but boy can we speculate about D&D Lego sets.

Below are a few D&D designs that we think would make the best Lego sets. We’ve gone heavy on the nostalgia here, resurrecting famous DnD books and DnD settings to create some stonking Lego sets for adults. And since the winning Lego Ideas set already includes a dragon, we’ve thought outside the box to bring in some other icons from the Forgotten Realms.

Here are the DnD Lego sets we dream of owning:

DnD Lego set ideas - Minecraft Lego set in front of Wizards of the Coast art of the Tomb of Horrors

The Tomb of Horrors

The existing Lego Ideas set gives us a dragon, but we haven’t seen any dungeons yet. Why not take the opportunity to recreate one of the most famous (and foul) dungeons of all time? The Tomb of Horrors was a 1975 module designed by Gary Gygax himself, and it’s stuffed with more traps than you can shake a DnD Rogue at.

The Tomb of Horrors is large and perilous, so we think it’d be over-ambitious to recreate the whole thing. Instead, we’d like to see a smaller diorama of just one section, showcasing some of the traps and DnD monsters you’d see in the original adventure.

There are several Lego Minecraft sets that already follow this formula. These offer a slice of the dungeon-crawling experience and even come with interactive traps to trigger. Lego has already proved that the idea can be done (and at an affordable price), so now is the perfect time to add some D&D flavor.

The Yawning Portal

Countless DnD campaigns have begun in a tavern, and The Yawning Portal is one of the most iconic inns of all. If Wizkids can turn it into a DnD miniature, then it can definitely function as a Lego set. With a bit of ingenuity, some of its most well-known features – like the well that transports adventurers to the Undermountain below – could even be made functional for play.

A Lego Yawning Portal needs patrons, so there’s also plenty of opportunity to stuff this set with interesting minifigures. We’d love to see a tiny Lego DnD Dragonborn or a DnD Tabaxi along with the standard Elves and Dwarves of the world.

DnD Lego set ideas - Wizards of the Coast art of a Nautiloid


Lego has an excellent track record for vehicle builds, and we think a Nautiloid would look fantastic on our shelves. These squiddy, spacefaring ships help DnD Mind Flayers sail the Astral Sea, generally causing strife.

The shell-shaped rear and the tentacles reaching out the front should make for a challenging, varied build. We might even be able to squeeze a Mind Flayer minifig out of Lego, or some DnD Githyanki to attack the ship.

Plus, with last year’s release of Baldur’s Gate 3, this set wouldn’t just appeal to D&D fans. There’s a whole new generation of videogame players to delight, too.

Wizard dice tower

Tabletop RPG fans have been using Lego to build dice towers for a long time now, and they’ve come up with plenty of fanciful and functional designs. It’s time for an official set to take this concept to the next level.

We think a DnD Wizard’s tower is the natural theme for a Lego set of this size and shape. Add a few windows – one to put the dice in, and another to watch them tumble out of. Cover the whole thing in ivy, tiny magical creatures, and small treasures to marvel at. And don’t forget to add a reloading tray so we can do the whole thing again and again.

DnD Lego set ideas - Wizards of the Coast art of a crowd of famous D&D monsters

Various DnD monsters

With so many mighty and memorable monsters in D&D, we were hard-pushed to choose just one to turn into a Lego set. An enormous DnD Beholder with moving eye stalks sounds incredible. And, unsurprisingly, many of the runners-up in the original D&D Lego Ideas contest were transforming DnD Mimics.

Our solution? A set with several mini monsters in. You could go down the route of a Lego Creator 3-in-1 set, where the same bricks can be used to create several beasties. Or, you could simply have several simple, kid-friendly creatures in the same set.

As well as those we’ve already mentioned, we’d love to see a DnD Owlbear in Lego form. DnD Kobolds are another solid choice, and it’d be super easy to recreate Boo the Miniature Giant Space Hamster with bricks.

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