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Demeo studio to make first ever official DnD VR game

The first official VR DnD game is in the works, from Resolution Games, who already made a tabletop RPG-inspired video game built for VR.

DnD game Demeo screenshot - a rogue opening a treasure chest

A virtual reality DnD game is in development, thanks to a collaboration between publisher Wizards of the Coast and game dev Resolution Games. Details are few and far between, but we would assume the finished product will have at least something in common with Resolution Games’ recent title Demeo.

Demeo is a turn-based dungeon crawler that’s clearly inspired by tabletop RPGs. In our Demeo review we called it “a D&D love letter”, thanks to its adherence to the classic DnD classes, its inclusion of a chonky D20 to chuck, and generally its entire vibe. In 2021, it originally came out as a VR-only title, before an early access release in April 2022 brought the game over to PC via Steam.

Generally favorably reviewed, with a 91% positive rating on Steam, and a PvP spinoff that came out in November 2023 (see our Demeo Battles review for more), Demeo seems to have been a sterling success. It makes sense therefore, that Wizards would be looking to Resolution Games if it wants a third-party title that translates the monsters, setting, and gameplay of Dungeons and Dragons to VR.

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In a press release, Tommy Palm, Resolution Games’ CEO and founder, touts the company’s love of tabletop gaming. “We’re beyond humbled to have the opportunity to work with such an incredible IP,” he says.

Eugene Evans, Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy and Licensing at WotC, says Wizards has picked the right developer for the job. “Resolution Games has a clear understanding of how to bring players together and capture the fun of tabletop gaming on digital platforms in an accessible way,” he notes.

Dungeons and Dragons looks to be moving in an increasingly digital direction, but so far as we’re aware, this is the first time it’s officially made a move into the realm of VR. We did cover a third-party virtual tabletop last year, Dungeon Full Dive, but a quick look at the Steam page tells us the programme’s early access launch was not well received.

We’ll keep you posted when the first proper details about Resolution’s VR DnD game show up. Until then, check out our guides to DnD classes and DnD feats for the best tabletop advice in the business.