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DnD fan crafts a real, handmade Wizard spellbook

A crafty Dungeons and Dragons fan has created a real spellbook for their D&D Wizard, recreating their known 5e spells with gorgeous calligraphy.

DnD homemade Wizard spellbook

A typical DnD Wizard is expected to painstakingly write down every spell they learn in order to cast them. The same level of commitment isn’t typically expected from Dungeons and Dragons players, but one RPG fan has gone all the way, creating a real-life Wizard spellbook for their D&D character. Redditor AlphaCentauri900 shared a video of their DIY spellbook on the social media site on May 8.

The spellbook contains 42 spells, ranging from DnD cantrips to seventh-level 5e spells. Each has its title written out in unique calligraphy, as well as some illustrations and all the key info you’d find in the core DnD books. According to AlphaCentauri900, these are the DnD Wizard spells their DnD Dwarf character learned over the course of a campaign.

[Art] I scribed all my wizard’s spells
by u/AlphaCentauri900 in DnD

“I scribed them using quills, calligraphy pens, a large variety of ink, watercolours, a few markers, and gold and silver leaf”, AlphaCentauri900 tells Reddit. “The grimoire itself is also handmade, with a dyed calfskin cover, tea-dyed pages, and gilding.”

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