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Mysterious DnD Lego set teaser features brick-based Mimic

A Mimic disguised as Lego bricks stars in a recent teaser for the upcoming D&D Lego set - but it creates more questions than it answers.

DnD Lego set teaser image of a Lego Mimic

A new teaser for the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Lego set has been revealed on Lego’s official social media. It features – to no one’s surprise – one of the tabletop RPG’s most iconic monsters, a Mimic. The bricky Mimic gobbles up a d20 in the ten-second clip from March 11, but further details are locked up tighter than a suspiciously hungry treasure chest.

In 2022, Lego Ideas challenged fans to design their own dream Dungeons and Dragons set. ‘Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End’, a set designed by Lucas Bolt, was chosen as the winner in January 2023. The set has all the trappings of a classic DnD campaign – including a tavern, castle, and enormous green dragon. As with all Lego Ideas sets, Bolt will receive credit and 1% of the sales for the design.

We’ve known about this set for a while, but a teaser video from February got fans speculating all over again. This clip features a Gelatinous Cube – a DnD monster not present in the original Ideas set design. It’s not clear if Lego is hinting at a different version of that set or another D&D Lego set entirely.

DnD Lego set teaser tweet

The DnD Mimic doesn’t clear the matter up, either. We still don’t know what Lego is releasing to celebrate the tabletop RPG’s 50th anniversary. We also don’t know when the product (or products) will arrive. Lego just keeps telling us to roll a Perception check.

We’re itching to see the final results of this collaboration – especially if the Lego Mimic can transform like this 3D-printed model. To keep busy, we’ve even suggested some DnD Lego set ideas we’d like to see.

But for now, it’s back to our DnD classes and DnD races while we wait for an update. You can follow us on Google News to find out if any new information drops.