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Huge Wizkids set has 60 DnD minis based on old school and 5e art

Both retro and modern DnD monsters star in the latest Wizkids set, which has a whopping 60 different Dungeons and Dragons miniatures.

DnD minis efreet statue

Wizkids is releasing its largest collection of DnD miniatures yet to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the roleplaying game. This 50th anniversary booster set has 60 miniatures in total, including classic characters and monsters from Strahd to Vecna, Githyanki to Gnolls. The Icons of the Realm set is available to preorder now at $25 a pack, and expected to release in Q3 of this year.

The unique thing about this collection is that there are two versions of most of the minis. One is based on the current 5e interpretation of a Dungeons and Dragons character or creature, while the other looks like the original 1e form. We’re vastly more excited by the older models. As these are very faithful recreations of the original DnD monster drawings, there are some rather funky looking minis available.

DnD minis a bunch of figures

For instance, if you get a 5e Blink Dog, you’ll have a pretty recognizable magical canid on your hands. But if you get the 1e Blink Dog, you get a model that’s immensely funnier, with a slight look of feral chipmunk about it.

Of course, we’re being unfair to the 1e drawings: there are plenty of iconic pieces of old-school artwork, and these are instantly recognizable in their miniature form. For instance, there’s a recreation of the Efreet statue from the front of the 1e Player’s Handbook. (That red one with the gem eyes). In fact, there are two versions, one in inanimate statue mode and the other after it has come to life to go to town on the greedy players.

DnD minis blink dog

It’s also cool to see two minis from this collection side by side and see how the game’s creations have evolved over time. You could have a 5e mimic, all purple tongue and horrid teeth, right beside the 1e version, a chest that grows fists to pummel you.

DnD minis two different mimics

You get four random DnD monsters in each $25 booster pack, including one large mini and three small or medium sized figures. They can be preordered from the Wizkids or IGN store, and come out in the third quarter of 2024.

DnD minis dragon

Releasing alongside the randomized booster packs is a standalone red DnD dragon mini. Costing $25, older tabletop RPG fans may recognise him from the DnD basic set rulebooks that came out in 1977.

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